Suriname Seeking Legal Action Against Netflix’s “Narco-Saints” For Unfavorable Portrayal Of Their Country

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The minister of foreign affairs of the South American country, Suriname, is not happy with the way Netflix’s latest series “Narco-Saints” portrayed his country.

“Narco Saints” is a Netflix series that tells the story of a civilian who is falsely accused of being a drug godfather by someone who took control of Suriname, he joins a secret mission from the NIS operating in South America. The story is based on true events. Its led by Ha Jung Woo and Hwang Jung MinPark Hae SooJo Woo Jin, Yoo Yeon Seok,   Zhang Chen, and more.

On September 13, an article in Suriname Herald was published, it was titled, “Netflix series damages Suriname’s image.”

In the article, the minister says, “We no longer have that image. There should be a good reason why the film producer wanted to put Suriname in such a bad light. We have actually tried to improve our image, but with such a series Suriname is again placed in a bad light.”

The article says legal action will be taken against the producers of the series and contact will be made with the authorities of South Korea.

“Narco Saints” was released on September 9.

Netflix is yet to issue a response to address the matter.

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