Song Duk Ho Closes His SNS Account Amid The Ongoing Investigation Regarding Military Service Evasion

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Actor Song Duk Ho, who is suspected of evading military service, has closed his SNS account.

As of January 31st, Song Duk Ho’s Instagram account has been closed.

Song Duk Ho is currently under police investigation for violating the Military Service Act. He will also participate in the remaining prosecution investigations as reported.

His agency also since come out with another statement they wrote, “Song Duk Ho was judged to be a level 4 social worker in an unfair way.”

The agency explained, “Song Duk Ho received advice through a blog run by Mr. A while searching for information on the Internet to delay his enlistment in the summer of last year.”

The prosecution and the Military Manpower Administration have formed a joint investigation team since last year to investigate those who tried to evade military service by falsely disguising epilepsy. Recently, VIXX’s Ravi has also been suspected of having received a grade 4 supplementary grade due to epilepsy.

Song Duk Ho made his debut with his last 2018 film “Burning”. He appeared in dramas such as “D.P.”, “Moonshine”, “Tracer”, “Juvenile Justice”, “Link: Eat, Love, Kill”, “Cheer Up”, and “May I Help You?”.


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