Popular Korean Actor In His 40s Arrested On Suspicion Of Drug Use After He Was Spotted Showing Unstable Behavior

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A Popular Korean Actor In His 40s [hereafter ‘A’] has been arrested on suspicion of drug use in Gangnam.

On September 10, news outlets reported that a known Korean actor was urgently arrested at his home on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act.

According to police reports, they were dispatched after receiving a report of a suspicious man who looked like they were drunk and running around weirdly. ‘A’ showed unstable words and actions and had foaming marks around their mouth. The police also found dozens of pills inside his house and they have been secured to check their ingredients.

The police will launch an investigation into how ‘A’ took drugs. He reportedly tested positive for drugs when he was first confronted by police.

‘A’ is reported to be an actor in his 40s who started out his career in 2006 playing supporting roles and has appeared in many dramas and movies ever since playing lead roles.

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