Park Min Young, Yuri, Han So Hee, Lee Jun Young, Ryu Kyung Soo And More Join The Lineup For The 2022 Asia Artist Awards

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The 2022 Asia Artist Awards has unveiled its new lineup filled with popular actors!

Park Min Young,Yuri, Han So Hee, Lee Jun Young, Ryu Kyung Soo, Lim Jae Hyuk, and Seo Bum June are expected to attend the 2022 Asia Artist Awards IN JAPAN in Nagoya, Japan, on December 13.

Park Min Young, who captivated the small screen with her elegant and pure visuals and rising performances, will attend the “2022 AAA.”

Yuri worked hard this year, working in various fields from singing to entertainment to drama, and will be on the “Asia Artist Awards” stage for the second consecutive year following last year.

Han So Hee, who attended “2020 AAA” and “2021 AAA” and drew attention for her beautiful visuals, plans to catch the attention of global fans with her beauty and elegant personality at the “2022 AAA.”

Lee Jun Young, who has been performing nonstop activities in the SBS drama “Let Me Be Your Knight,” the movie “Love and Leashes” will also stand in front of fans at “2022 AAA,” following the “2021 AAA,” where he won the “Best Choice.”

Ryu Kyung Soo, who has recently been selected as a leading actor in the Netflix series “Family Gravesite,” which is organized by director Sang Ho, will once again shine at the “Asia Artist Awards” following the “2021 AAA,” where he won the “Best Icon.”

Actor Lim Jae Hyuk also joined the “2022 AAA” lineup and will attend the “Asia Artist Awards” for the first time.

Emerging rookie Seo Bum June will also attend the ‘Asia Artist Awards’ for the first time.

Hosted by Star News and Media Boy and co-hosted by the Asia Artist Awards organizing committee, The Star Partner and Culture Entertainment, “2022 AAA” will be held offline for the first time in three years at Nihongaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan.

Leeteuk and Jang Won Young will again appear as the MCs, and the first lineup which includes SEVENTEEN, THE BOYZ, Stray Kids, ITZY, TREASURE, IVE, Kep1er, LE SSERAFIM,  includes Pentagon, K.A.R.D, Choi Ye Na, NiziU, NMIXX, Tempest, and NewJeans has recently been unveiled, drawing attention from fans around the world.

On December 14, the day after the awards ceremony, the Gala Show “2022 AAAFTER STAGE” will be held for the first time at the same place. Singer and actor Hwang Min-hyun and Yabuki Nako, a former member of the group IZ*ONE and familiar to Korean fans, will co-MC.

The Global No. 1 Awards “2022 Asia Artist Awards IN JAPAN” will be held on December 13 and the Gala Show “2022 AAA AFTER STAGE” will be held at Nihongaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan, on December 14.

Are you excited to see them on “2022 Asia Artist Awards IN JAPAN”?

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