Nam Tae Hyun Publicly Exposes Stalker By Sharing Her Picture + Sends A Final Warning

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Nam Tae Hyun has publicly shamed his stalker!

On July 29, Nam Tae Hyun posted the below direct message and photo from a stalker along with a warning message, he captioned,

“On a hot day, the stalker is in full swing again, you’re contacting my acquaintances and saying ridiculous things once again. You showed off your face with confidence this time…

Delusions can be treated by Consulting, treating, and taking drugs. I don’t know you, I even had to move because of you, please… please wake up from your dreams.

If you keep doing this I’ll reveal your face and go to the end.”

The below messages reveals that the stalker has actually been contacting Nam Tae Hyun’s acquaintances through direct messages saying that she’s felt ‘she’s has been dating’ him for the past 3 years. The stalker even wrote to one of his acquaintances saying that ‘they’ve been in touch for three years as if they were dating.’

Fans were shocked to read the rest of the message she wrote, she claims ‘we were we even friends during that time. He freaked out when I met other guys, so I didn’t even date anyone. I am so pissed off.’

Fans believe that the stalker has gone too far and that the idol should take legal action against her and file for a restraining order too.

What are your thoughts on this?

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