Nam Ji Hyun Compares Working With Seo In Guk To Working With Ji Chang Wook

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Nam Ji Hyun is one lucky lady who got the chance to work with some great kdrama actors, with Ji Chang Wook in “Suspicious Partner” and Seo In Guk in “Shopping King Louie”.

She also agrees she thinks she’s lucky indeed, she said “It is both strange and miraculous.”

Both actors have a good number of fangirls and are both very adorable, besides the fact that both have enlisted in the army after finishing their drama with Nam Ji Hyun.

Seo In Guk did enlist back in March but was exempted because of his osteochondral lesions. Meanwhile Ji Chang Wook is supposed to enlist in the military on August 14.

She commented on Ji Chang Wook’s enlistment saying,

“During the last day of shooting, Ji Chang Wook’s enlistment date was announced, we all made fun of him.”

She also talked about her romance with both stars saying,

“Both of them care about their co-stars and focus on having lots of fun, this has made it easier for me to become close to them.”

She compared them to each other afterwards, she said,

“Ji Chang Wook has a sharp look and he is optimized for romance. Seo In Guk on the other hand know the moments that makes a girl hear skip a beat. He knows how and when to use that while acting.”

Nam Ji Hyun who started out as a child actress was able to make a successful transition and pulled off the mature romance drama that is “Suspicious Partner”.

She commented on her successful transition saying,

“To be honest I don’t have that much experience in romantic relationships, this worried me because it was my first time doing a drama with so many romantic scenes.

Fortunately many people saw me as an adult. I achieved my goal, I am both proud and thankful.”

She also discussed the backstage story of romantic dramas, she said,

“The lines and atmosphere right before any romantic scenes are created fully through emotions. But the scenes themselves are quiet technical.

We have to put in the most beautiful angle thus we work tirelessly and concentrate on the scenes. It can become both mentally and physically tiring.”

At the end of the interview, she said,

“I am going to work hard on showing a new side of myself based on my familiarity in the future. I will show as many as I can in my twenties. But I am unsure of what my next project will be.”

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