Lee Sung Kyung And Kim Young Dae Are Unexpectedly Falling In Love With Each Other In New Teasers For “Shooting Stars”

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tvN has released new teasers featuring Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae for their upcoming drama “Shooting Stars”!

Shooting Stars” is an upcoming rom-com that tells the story of people who work hard behind the scenes of the entertainment industry, such as PR teams, managers, and reporters, it focuses on those who clean up after idols’ messes.

The drama will focus on Oh Han Byul [Lee Sung Kyung], the head of the PR team at an entertainment agency who can handle crisis well, she works in various fields in the industry and dominates the scene, and the top star Gong Tae Sung [Kim Young Dae], who is also her natural enemy. He’s an A-list celebrity who is beloved by the masses for his angel-like smile and upright image. In reality, he gets angry easily and is competitive.

The first teaser starts with Oh Han Byul, who is considered the ‘goddess of public relations,’ she is known for her professional work, nice personality, and her ability to handle crises well. In particular, the line she first says draws attention, she says, “If you feel romantic feelings for a celebrity, you can’t work.” And in one scene we can see her ripping her hair apart as she screams that nothing has been working since Gong Tae Sung showed up. But then there is a subtle change in the atmosphere when she is seen staring at Gong Tae Sung’s photos on her phone, hinting that she might have feelings for this celebrity.

In the second teaser, Gong Tae Sun is seen going back and forth between his celebrity life and daily life, showing the presence of a top star who has perfect visuals, charm, and gentle manners. But as soon as he stepped out of the spotlight, things change. In Particular, he can be seen bickering with Oh Han Byul in some shots, but in one scene he can be heard saying, “Never fire Oh Han Byul,” indicating that Gong Tae Sung has taken a special liking to her, it is further shown in the last scene when he is looking at a picture of Oh Han Byul and annoyingly asking himself why is he so curious about her.

“Shooting Stars” is set to premiere on April 22.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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