Lee Seung Gi’s Lawyer Strongly Denies Hook Entertainment Claims Of Paying All His Music Profits, Concludes Further Discussions With The Agency Is Meaningless

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Lee Seung Gi has strongly denied the claims made by Hook Entertainment that it was not true that the settlement of music fees was not paid to him.

On November 28, Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative made an additional statement regarding Hook Entertainment’s statement which was released recently.

On November 25, Hook Entertainment announced that the claims regarding not paying music profit earnings are false and they have cleared all debt relations between the parties when they renewed the contract with Lee Seung Gi around 2021.

In response, Lee Seung Gi legal representative expressed regret while denying the statements made by Hook Entertainment of settling all the music fees, and concluded that any further discussion with the agency is meaningless. Additionally, explained the 2021 agreement between Lee and Hook Entertainment which was about 4.7 billion won($3,500,000) in real estate investment.

Check out the statement by Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative below:

 “We express our deep regret over Hook Entertainment’s false claim, which led Lee Seung Gi to judge that further discussion with Hook Entertainment is meaningless. Lee Seung Gi has never received a statement of settlement of music fees from Hook Entertainment.
Therefore, we have no idea what amount of music fees Hook Entertainment paid to Lee Seung Gi. The clear fact is that Hook Entertainment intentionally hid the happening of music revenue from Lee Seung Gi, and no settlement was made based on the exact details and grounds.
Hook Entertainment only began to provide Lee Seung Gi with a sales statement after 2018, but there is no content related to the music fees in the statements.
If Hook Entertainment paid Lee Seung Gi for the music, it would be good to provide a clear basis of payment through thorough verification of deposit and withdrawal details.
The calculation is also simple. If there is a settlement of music fees paid as Hook Entertainment claims, it can be excluded from the unpaid settlement of earnings.
We express our regret once again that the agency did not yet disclose music sales and settlement details even though it is not difficult at all, and that they have only been consistent with gaslighting the singer as ‘You are a minus singer’. It is not true at all.
We clearly inform you that the agreement previously made is not an agreement between Lee Seung Gi and Hook Entertainment.
Hook Entertainment received 4.7 billion won ($3,500,000) from Lee Seung Gi around 2011, citing the purchase of a building, but CEO Kwon Jin Young did not keep any promises regarding investment. Hook Entertainment said, When Lee Seung Gi said he would terminate his management contract with Hook Entertainment, they said they would treat the existing investment as a loan, and in the process, they made an agreement while organizing Lee Seung Gi’s rights as an investor.
We want to ask Hook Entertainment how Lee Seung Gi, who did not even know the occurrence of music revenue, can settle the music fees and agree on it.
If Hook Entertainment asked Lee Seung Gi to sign an agreement in 2021 with the music fee in mind, it would be a clear fraud. All the problems stem from Lee Seung Gi’s lack of experience, and he is sorry for causing many people’s concerns due to his personal history.
We hope that the problem can be solved through the clear confirmation of the facts, and Hook Entertainment will not cause any further distortion or lies.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi has recently been suspected of not receiving any music revenue for the past 18 years, and Hook Entertainment said in an official press release on November 25 that “the contract between Lee Seung Gi and his agency (such as the profit share) and Hook Entertainment never paid for Lee Seung Gi.”

In addition, regarding CEO Kwon Jin Young who had reportedly borrowed 4.72 billion won from Lee Seung Gi without interest from 2014 to 2021 to buy a luxury apartment in Hannam-dong, Hook Entertainment said on November 27 “It has nothing to do with Lee Seung Gi.”

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  1. He’s an amazing singer, handsome and brilliant actor. We all know he’s super intelligent and capable of any task set in front of him. He is always super kind, generous and well a brilliant rare all rounded. Diamonds should be polished and cared for. I’m sure he’s not the sort of person to bring false accusations. No smoke without fire as they say.

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