Lee Seung Gi Breaks Silence On The Issues With Hook Entertainment, Says He Will Donate All The Money Received + Vows To Continue Fighting In Court For His Settlement Profits

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Lee Seung Gi has personally made a statement after Hook Entertainment announces that they have paid the actor his music-earning profits according to their own calculation method saying that he will continue to fight in court.

On December 16, Lee Seung Gi took to Instagram and left a long message and said that he will donate all the money received from Hook Entertainment to those in need, and will continue to fight the case in court since Hook Entertainment has paid him according to their own calculation method.

I’m greeting you all in a long time. Hello, I’m Lee Seung Gi. Actually, I have not been doing much well.
I was angry due to the sense of betrayal, frustrated with disappointment, and repeatedly blamed myself one day and then another. I received a text message this morning that about 5 billion won($ 3,800,000) has been deposited into my account.
Hook Entertainment probably thinks I took legal action simply to get paid. I’ve never received such music statement before.
On top of it, now trying to close the case unilaterally in the name of “outstanding payments.” Until now, I have lived without knowing that I had music profits that were to be paid to me.
I’ve been hearing, ‘you are a minus singer’ for 18 years. The reason I filed a lawsuit against Hook Entertainment is not because of the backlog. But for the fact the value of someone’s hard work should not be unfairly used for someone else’s greed.
I thought this was the best I could do. Now I have 5 billion won. Of course, we don’t know on what basis and how they calculated that. However, I don’t understand Hook Entertainment’s calculation method, so I think I will continue to fight through the court in the future.
It will be a tiresome fight, and I would like to say first that I am sorry for the fatigue caused for the public that is watching it. But I can promise you, I’m going to donate the whole amount, whatever the settlement is.
First of all, from the 5 billion won deposited today, the rest will be returned to society in full except for the litigation expenses.
This is not an overnight thought. The moment I decided to fight Hook Entertainment, I decided to spend all the money I would get for those in need. Until now, I didn’t know how much music profits I should be paid.
Of course, the 5 billion won that I received today is too big and precious for me. It has the hard work of my teens, 20s, and 30s.
But if this money could be spent on people who are having a more difficult life than me, the happiness and value I feel would simply surpass the five billion won. From the next week, we will proceed with the detailed plan through meetings with the donation officials.
There are a lot of people who have disabilities and can’t even move around. They have a dream, but there are many friends who give up in the middle because of their circumstances.
Some people can’t get proper help in a life-threatening situation. Five billion won might not be enough to help all of them. But I’ll take a small step into practice.
And most of all, a lot of people supported me through this experience. You felt very angry for me and comforted me, so it gave me a lot of strength.
Thank you for once again making me feel that I am loved.
I will repay you by returning that love to society even a little bit. I hope you have a warm end of the year, and I will walk my path faithfully as I always do.

Earlier, Hook Entertainment announced that they have paid Lee Seung Gi a total of $4 Million which is 2.9 billion won ($2,216,600) in unpaid adjusted settlement and 1.2 billion won($1,451,000) in the delay interest rate.

On November 17, Lee Seung Gi demanded proof of contents from his agency through the law firm Pacific Ocean, saying that he had not properly received the proceeds of his music for over 18 years when he signed an exclusive contract with Hook Entertainment. Hook Entertainment has been in the middle of controversy after being raided by the National Police Agency.

Later, Dispatch released an alleged audio recording, which is the conversation between CEO Kwon, the director of Hook Entertainment, and the manager of Lee Seung Gi at a meeting on November 17, which caused a stir and the repercussions grew. Following the explosive report, Hook Entertainment announced that the claims regarding not paying music profit earnings are false and they have cleared all debt relations between the parties when they renewed the contract with Lee Seung Gi around 2021. However, the legal representative Lee Seung Gi refuted Hook Entertainment’s statement and concluded that any further discussion with the agency is meaningless. the actor has since filed to have his contract terminated with the agency.

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