Lee Junho, Na In Woo, Kim Sejeong, Bona, and Kim Young Dae Join The Lineup For The 2022 Asia Artist Awards

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The 2022 Asia Artist Awards has unveiled its new lineup of popular actors!

Actors Lee Junho, Na In Woo, Kim Sejeong, Bona, and Kim Young Dae will attend the 2022 Asia Artist Awards IN JAPAN on December 13.

Lee Junho, who has captivated fans not only in Korea but also around the world with the MBC hit drama “The Red Sleeve,” is expected to make the hearts of global fans beat once again by appearing in “2022 AAA.” Attracting viewers with his delicate expression of emotions and heavy acting skills, he stood tall as an “irreplaceable” actor, winning seven awards with his sole performance in “The Red Sleeve” this year. Lee Junho will appear in the JTBC drama “King the Land,” which is scheduled to air in the first half of 2023, and continue to show his reliable performance.

Na In Woo, who became popular by winning the “AAA New Wave” at 2021 AAA, joined the 2022 AAA lineup by playing an active role in various fields in 2022. Having played a leading role in this year’s JTBC drama “Cleaning Up” and KBS2 drama “Jinxed at First,” he will also meet the audience with the movie “Ditto,” which will be released in November. In addition, early this year, he joined KBS2’s entertainment program “1 Night 2 Days” as a regular member and is approaching viewers more familiarly.

Kim Sejeong also confirmed her attendance at 2022 AAA by performing remarkably as an actress. Kim Sejeong has established herself as the next-generation Romcom Queen to trust and watch any work by appearing as the main lead in SBS dramas such as “Business Proposal” and “Today’s Webtoon,” which aired this year, drawing favorable reviews from viewers. In particular, in “2022 AAA,” she plans to catch the attention of global fans with her beautiful visuals and unique lovely charm.

Bona, who attended the “Asia Artist Awards” as a member of the group WJSN, will step on the red carpet of “2022 AAA” as an actress this time. Bona, who was loved for her passionate performance in tvN’s drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one,” which aired in the first half of this year, has been cast as the main lead in MBC’s new drama “Joseon Lawyer,” which is scheduled to air next year, further solidifying her position as a popular actress.

Kim Young Dae, who is a rising popular actor global fans are paying attention to, has also joined the “2022 AAA” lineup. Having impressed viewers through the MBC drama “Extraordinary You” and the SBS drama “Penthouse” series, he became a leading actor through the tvN drama “Sh**ting Star,” which aired this year. Kim Young Dae will also star in MBC’s new drama “The Forbidden Marriage,” which is scheduled to premiere in December, and will captivate viewers by showing various charms.

The Global No. 1 Awards “2022 Asia Artist Awards IN JAPAN” will be held on December 13 and the Gala Show “2022 AAA AFTER STAGE” will be held at Nihongaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan, on December 14.

Are you excited to see them on the 2022 Asia Artist Awards IN JAPAN?

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