Kim Yoo Jung Personally Updates Fans For The First Time Since Thyroid Surgery

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Beloved actress Kim Yoo Jung has been on a hiatus for a while after her agency announced that she’d be taking a break to recover from her thyroid surgery after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

Back then, the actress was confirmed for the upcoming JTBC drama “Clean with Passion for Now,” after the news of her surgery reached the production team, they decided to postpone the drama in order for the actress to fully recover from her surgery.

Since then, her upcoming drama has been put on hiatus. With the two male leads taking on projects, Song Jae Rim is one of the main leads of the new weekend drama “Secret Mother,” while Ahn Hyo Seop only recently confirmed as the second lead in the upcoming SBS drama “Im 30 but 17” alongside Yang Se Jong and Shin Hye Sun.

The drama has been halted indefinitely and is likely to air in the second half of 2018 with no air date confirmed so far. Kim Yoo Jung posted a photo of a flower bouquet and captioned,

“Im saying hello to you in the first time for a while. These days, Im working hard on my health and I am thankful for the fans who are waiting and cheering for me. Im also thankful for the people in the drama team of ‘Clean with Passion for Now’ who are waiting for me. Through my upcoming drama, I will meet fans with a healthier, better appearance.

Also, congratulations to all of you who are celebrating coming of Age Day. Thank you to everyone who congratulated me as well. I will work harder to be a better person! (Thank you Lanaise for sending flowers)”

Coming of Age Day is celebrated on May of the 3rd week of May in Korea; people who turned 20 years of age celebrate becoming an adult.

We’re glad to see that Kim Yoo Jung is doing fine!

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