Actor Kim Min Kyo Receives His Sentence After His Dog’s Bite Causes The Death Of An Elderly Woman

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Actor Kim Min Kyo has been sentenced.

Previously, on May 10 of 2020, a Korean news outlet reported that Kim Min Kyo dogs (both weigh over 20 kg/ 40 lb) attacked a woman in her 80s; she was working in her garden when she was attacked.

The dogs had reportedly jumped over the fence and attacked her; she was bitten on both arms and on her thigh by the two dogs. According to several witnesses, the dogs had no leash or muzzles on.

The woman spent time in the ICU and eventually succumbed to her injuries dying two months after the accident.

On March 25, Korean news outlets belatedly revealed that the actor has been sentenced for the accident on the charges of manslaughter. He was given a suspended sentence. The judge cited he has no past record of crimes, given that he’s admitted to his wrongdoings, repented and came to a settlement with the family of the victim, he was sentenced to 2 years of probation. The judge ordered him to have his dog trained by an expert.

Kim Min Kyo will not appeal the sentence.

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