Kim Hyun Joong New Drama Records A Disappointing 0.1% In Ratings, Korean Public Not Ready To Take Him Back In Yet?

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“When Time Stopped” has finally aired its first episode on Wednesday, October 24, international fans have been anticipating Kim Hyun Joong’s return after his long legal battle with his ex-girlfriend that ended earlier this year.

“When Time Stopped” aired on the new channel KBS W but it didn’t do well at all. The first episode recorded 0.1% in viewership ratings according to Nielsen Korea.

This is especially disappointing for Kim Hyun Joong whose dramas usually do extremely well. While international fans might have his back that doesn’t help in viewership ratings.

This marks Kim Hyun Joong’s return to the small screen after 4 years hiatus.

Netizens are not reacting nicely to the drama, many brought up his past and some asked him to stop acting and trying to appear in dramas, some said,

‘This can’t be undone.’

‘Don’t want to see his face again on TV.”

“His acting sucks,” and more.

International fans are split. Some are happy he’s back while others commented on his acting and called it poor and not the same quality it used to be.

“When Time Stopped” is going to be 12-episodes-long. There is still room for improvement.

Have you watched the premiere yet? what did you think of it?

Source: Nielsen Korea

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  1. Yes I’m watching the first episode,but I’m stop in the middle because I’m feel bored,I’m criticized the actress the writer I’m don’t like too much fantasy the actor he look handsome but that’s

  2. Those who are talking negative about Hyun Joong, aren’t milk washed….. They don’t have right to interfere in others life….. If they don’t like Hyun Joong then it’s OK but they can’t defame Hyun Joong…. He is the best and no card need to prove that, his hard work will shut chatterbox.

    1. I love you kim hyun joong…. her ex was lior… people should understand that he is innocent . His ex was greedy, coward and careless.. she have ruined his life.. I hate her… … but kim hyung joong you are so strong really … never give up…
      Fighting oppa
      Love you
      God bless you

  3. I will alway’s support #KHJFAN4EVER I think that international Fan’s should count too,Saranghaeyo❤sweetheart ignore the hater’s love,you can call me whatever you want hater’s I’ve bullied all my life I’m used it

  4. I support you Kim Hyun Joong Saranghaeyo ❤ ignore the hater’s, I don’t care what the hater’s might say to me I’ve been bullied all my life so whatever

  5. His acting has probably been effected by the nerves he must feel getting back in front of the cameras. He basically ended his career and this is a big step forward after his scandals. I won’t watch this drama, but only because it’s just not my thing. Kim Hyun Joong is also not the big draw card he would have been for me a couple of years ago…whether this is because of his hiatus, or whether it is a result of my immense disappointment in what can only be seen a massive character flaw…I can’t determine. It concerns me that he is not in a position to see his child, as most courts would award supervised visits if this was considered safe. There are some issues surrounding his personal life that make me uncomfortable…just as I am in a position where my personal life can effect my career, so is he. If he acts in a drama that catches my attention, I will watch it. But I wouldn’t say I am a fan of his any longer.

  6. I will support him. In a retlationship issues, there’s always two to tango but since he is in the limelight all negative things befell on him. Help him pick up the pieces.

  7. Hey you guys give him a break, are you sure he is the main cause of the problem. Everybody commits a mistake, are you a saint? Everyone’s need a second chance. Any ome is saying he is a bad person, you need to reflect ARE YOU PERFECTLY GOOD PERSON??? THINK…

  8. I know he have done a mistake that can’t be forgiven but it should be taken in mind that mistakes are done by one is perfect and biggest thing is that one felt and apologize. Every one deserves a second chance. I like the drama most no matter how other reacts.

  9. Past is past …nobodys perfect!Kim hyun joong is Kim hyun joong one of the most talented actor singer and all….Philippines fans are here for you…keep fighting!!!!!

  10. I love Korean dramas and stuff…even love their culture and at some point, came close to relocating there but the more I researched the more I realized how cruel, unforgiving and massive bigots Koreans can be. They are not accepting people, they spend money on plastic surgeries to look “perfect” so they expect everyone to be perfect. Well, news flash. Even celebrities are human and KHJ is human too. Yes, he made a mistake and yes of course international fans will support his comeback but Koreans and their bigotry… I think they’re not even worth this comeback.

    Korean fans can be cruel. Too cruel sometimes.

  11. There are two sides to every story.I believe he deserves a second chance and I enjoyed this new drama very much.If he was guilty I don’t think he would have returned to acting. I wish him good health and happiness in the future.Keep strong and don’t let other people put you from staten island ny.

  12. Don’t worry Kim hyun joong! Everything will be fine, you just wait and see that all of your fans are going to support you. Just believe in yourself and believe your fans, don’t give up I’m your fan Kim hyun joong I soppurt you from my heart! Try hard and keep doing what you love to do.

  13. I’m glad he is back. I wish I could of seen it the first day it aired but I had to wait for the episodes to be translated to English. Or else I would have watched it… disappointed that I had to wait 3 days later. As for those who dislike his comeback due to his past history, they need to understand that everyone deserves a second chance…. If you are free from sin then be the first to cast the stone… but I doubt many of those haters are.

  14. Well, the drama itself, is watchable,,, like so many dramas, i mean we watched so many bad dramas with high ratings,,, this rating thing is what that slowly become a serries killer!!! You csnt realy find how many ppl are watching,, maybe they lie sometimes. The pilot was good . Specialy the twist in last minute and the second episode was good too. Now, about kim, ppl must stop poking their noises in his life, its his not ypurs!! Its that simple. The thing is, korean ppl must stop acting dumb and be more in the moment and let ppl live too.

    1. Every body is talking about kim acting, o plz spare me he was ok just that the drama story line was shite i blame him for accepting to act in such fake God story i hate the story i was able to watch to site and veiw it for the sake of kim so plz leave kim out of this and blame the writer and the producer

  15. There are many nugu actors out there who deserve lead roles better than him. I would rather give this chance to an actor with kind heart and clean past than to a trash.
    So many handsome actors, some with better acting who deserve a spot too. So, why him lol.

    1. You know, narrow minded idiots like you are the reasons idols like Jongyun of Shinee is dead. blood on your hands. So you’re so clean and have a kind heart. Jeez, such hypocrisy is truly on a golden poop level

      1. Wow dude, one thing has nothing to do with the other. Jonghyun did nothing to be judged or critized for, KHJ did, he and you have to realize that people are not just gonna shrug and say Ok to him coming back.
        Also Nc didn’t even criticize him that bad, just said that there are many other options other than him for lead in dramas, you’re overreacting and throwing blame where it’s not due.
        Seriously, Jonghyun? You went there?? Shame on you.

    2. ….remember that a trash can be also recycled and shines more than it was used to be…a trash is not always a trash because there is what they call 3R in ragarding trash matters ..just saying thank you

  16. In life everyone gets a second chance so do u alsoo n i like the drama alsooo soo oppa fighting n ya u r ma all time favourite oppa kim hyun joong

  17. I think that the viewers are being judgemental …like atleast give him a chance and I personally don’t feel that his acting socks I mean lI ke come on he used to be one of the best Korean actors and he still is according to me …everyone has a past and every individual must be forgiven once …he committed a mistake and accepted it ..even suffered for his actions s and is still suffering trying to make things normal so why are people being so cruel to him …atleast understand his situation and watch the drama as if he is a new actor stop judging him on the basis of what he did earlier wasn’t his fault completely ..please support him

  18. But I wonder how Koreans think ur thinking levels sucks it is his personal life and on top of that He was comfirmed innocent and it has been 4 years I wonder who is so clean to continue bad mouthing him

  19. Con que facilidad en Corea destruyen a los artistas es impresionante, digno de análisis y ni hablar de la prensa con periodistas que no conocen la ética profesional

  20. I think that he is a great actor and before people write some rude comments should think twice coz u might hurt someone. He is a good actor and l hope he will play in many more dramas.

  21. atleast give him another chance, h’s not even proven guilty though so stop being harsh on him…he’s trying to move on…if h’s being abusive why their relationship took that long…why his gf stay that long?

  22. I’m Sophia from Nigeria Koreans may despise khj Oppa but Nigerians really love him. No matter what we’ll continuecsulporting him, no one is perfect and we know that, every celebrity must be involved in one or more scandals we know that. But despite all these we still love him❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️saranghee oppa

  23. Seriously may be people saying negative about him are living a life full of roses. Go and see what actual crime is. And he has proven innocent. KHJ is talented and he deserves more in his life . Just go on . We are with you. Love from Bangladesh

  24. kim hyun joong, we love u soo much and will always support u, im soo sorry this happened to u, but no matter what keep on fighting, I’ll pray for u definitely, and I’m sure u’ll make a great comeback, much love from Nigeria
    My “mr white”

  25. i think korean people should change their mindset, they should have broad mindset. This type of scandals happens in every entertainment industry even in hollywood. When these negative people can love hollywood celebrities after such scandals then they should love and support Kim Hyun Joong also. His personal life has nothing to do with his career. And most importantly a person is recognized by his talents and not from his background. People should recognize his talents instead of gossipping about his personal life. Kim Hyun Joong don’t loose hope, be brave and stay strong. May God bless you with all the strengths and courage that you need and may u reach a greater heights in ur career. Just believe in yourself and God. Love You.

  26. S Koreans need more blood flow in their hearts. They need to appreciate their great actors & actress. STOP believing in fake news… ! You guys easily get brainwashed. I love Kim Hyun Joong

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