Kang So Ra And Jang Seung Jo Open Up About Playing A Divorced Couple In Ongoing Drama “Strangers Again” In An Interview

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Actors Kang So Ra and Jang Seung Jo showed off their chemistry as if a real couple and talked about playing a divorced couple in their ongoing drama “Strangers Again.” 

On January 19, Arena Homme Plus release a pictorial and interview conducted with Kang So Ra and Jang Seung Jo. The two are starring as a divorced lawyer couple in ENA’s legal romance drama “Strangers Again.”

This pictorial has the same concept of playing a couple as in the drama. According to officials, the two created tension with their acting skills by arguing, and expressing hate and love like a real couple on the set.

In the subsequent interview, the two candidly confessed how they felt about the drama. Regarding acting with Kang So Ra in the drama, Jang Seung Jo opened up, saying

“I was very careful in the beginning, but with gradual progress in the drama, the character starts unraveling itself and we become more comfortable as if we were getting to know each other.”

On the last day of filming, Kang So Ra expressed her thoughts about the drama, saying, “I felt like I was really breaking up with someone I dated.”

What do you think of their chemistry?

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