Ji Chang Wook Reportedly Establishing His Own One-man Agency

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Actor Ji Chang Wook has reportedly established his own agency.

On March 14th, Star News reported that Ji Chang Wook is preparing for a separate corporation and establishing a one-man agency.

Previously, Ji Chang Wook decided not to renew the contract as his exclusive contract with Glorious Entertainment expired on March 7th. The agency that Ji Chang Wook started is a one-man agency led by a manager who has worked with Ji Chang Wook for over 10 years.

Ji Chang Wook made his debut in the independent film “Sleeping Beauty” in 2008 and has been showing attractive acting through various works. He is also building a unique activity spectrum, such as singing the OST of the drama he starred in.

Attention is focused on what kind of new start Ji Chang Wook, who is solidifying his position as an ‘all-rounder’ by going back and forth between movies, dramas, and music, will make after establishing a one-man agency.

Ji Chang Wook is set to appear in Disney+’s “Worst Evil” scheduled to be released in the second half of this year.


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