Ji Chang Wook “Melting Me Softly” Scores Its Lowest Ratings So Far

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Ji Chang Wook new drama “Melting Me Softly” ratings aren’t as good as many had anticipated!

Ji Chang Wook finally made his grand return to the small screen following his military discharge with tvN’s “Melting Me Softly.” Fans have been eagerly waiting for his return and had high expectations of his drama, however, ratings in South Korea tell a different story.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Melting Me Softly” 5th episode (which aired on October 12) scored an average of 2% which is the drama’s lowest performing number thus far.

“Melting Me Softly” started out with 2.4% and has been slowly but steadily climbing up the ladder and it reached 3% with its fourth episode, however, the number went down by more than 1% with this week episode.

Reactions to “Melting Me Softly” have been mixed, some fans loved the drama while others not so much, they state they had great expectations of “Melting Me Softly” and they were not met.

Regardless, Ji Chang Wook fans continue to show their support and gush about his looks and acting chops on the show.

What do you think of “Melting Me Softly” so far? Do you like it?

My Personal Thoughts

I had previously spoken about my thoughts on “Melting Me Softly” on my twitter; you can check it out here. But in short and personally speaking, I am disappointed with the drama so far, it’s very mild and not as entertaining as I had wanted it to be, I think I will be putting out an article discussing my thoughts on the drama by next week.

This is probably my least favorite Ji Chang Wook drama ever; I am a HUGE fan and watched all of his dramas and his movies. I have been counting the days until his return and placed high expectations on his post-military project, which were not met.

I suspect “Melting Me Softly” to continue to waver around 2-4% in ratings throughout its runtime. It’s pale in comparison to other dramas that aired around the same time timeslot. Also, a lot has changed since Ji Chang Wook enlisted in the military, it’s not as easy to score great ratings and channels have been struggling to pull the same numbers as they used to. In 2017, we had way more dramas scoring 10% in ratings as opposed to 2019 where it’s a miracle if your drama even hits the 8% in ratings (talking about mini-dramas with 16 episodes not daily or family dramas).

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. Not much fascination and drive to watch the series..Not much umphhh though Ji Chang Wook, my favourite actor is in this drama. Flow of story pretty dry, unfortunately 🙁

  2. Here in the Philippines, its doing good. Somehow, if you will compare it to the other dramas of wookie, it has a big difference. But wookie play his role well. He is a versatile actor, i can see in the middle of it, sonething will twist that fans will love.
    We will always support wookie.

  3. I’m enjoying the drama despite the flaws. The script is a bit wacky and the editing it tereible which is no fault of the leads. I watch until the end but I’m not going to invest to much extra thought into it. Turn off the brain and enjoy the leads.

  4. i love the concept of the drama. it is a bit slow but its getting there. love all the actors its now at that stage where things are switching to the realization of where they are in time. i’m loving it.

  5. I LOVE this show. Yes, it has logical holes, but it’s a drama.and we need not talk about this. LOL

    It’s funny, sweet and Chang Wook is fabulous, as usual.

    I didn’t know the main female lead and I’m in love.

    My favorite characters though, are the MFL mom and dad.
    Sweet, supportive, loving… love that family.

    1. Yes! We in India are big followers of Korean Dramas. Netflix is the best way to share these Dramas for more eyeballs and fans of Ji Chang Wook

  6. I’m a Filipina Fan of ji chang wook and I’ve watched most of his drama ,,In my opinion ,the plot of this drama can’t be compared to his previous dramas where most of his fans have high expectations what ji can do after his comeback . And ‘melting me softly ‘ is quite a common show.. But even though it is just natural hoping the next episodes have a twist or shows more actions of ji.. Because for me ji chang wook is my number 1 korean action star…

  7. As a fan of JCW i have also waited for this drama to come out until all the hype came short of expectations. There’s too much talking and less significant actions, unlike other dramas like Vagabond, you will be at the edge of your seat anticipating what’s gonna happen next. I hope they do something about the next few episodes left and make everything go faster and more interesting. I wonder how they’re gonna attract audience when most viewers have already started watching other dramas.

    I hope JCW picks his next project carefully.

  8. maybe you are looking forward in some-like vagabonds action series for him?

    But for me, melting me is very entertaining and I dont find it boring. Maybe timeslot was affected because it was the timeslot of Arthdal before. Many were disappointed in that series, but deim, if you will melting me a chance, it really has a cute and adorable story!

  9. I would love to watch Melting me Softly how many times every episode. Goodluck For our one of the great actor from Korea. All the best and all your fans from world wide will support you.

  10. This drama literally is “Melting Me Softly” . I love Ji Chang Wook but the story flaws makes the audience really bored, as if frozen in time, and melts away my attention .

    Maybe I had high expectations on his comeback, and was waiting for that “Healer” type of story development.

    But now as episodes come, I just watch and lurk how Chang Wook looked like in every scene without bothering on the story..

  11. Sorry for what may be an unpopular comment, but honestly, it reminds me of the disappointment I felt with Abyss.

    I LOVE Park Bo Young AND Ji Chang Wook, and I don’t know why, but…. sigh. Anyone else feel that way or maybe it’s just me. I wanted to like both Abyss and Melting so much I watched way past when I would have normally given up, but it just never did really allow the actors to shine. 🙁

    I’ll just go rewatch Healer and SWBS again. 🙂

  12. I am absolutely loving it!
    I’m literally hanging on the edge of my seat waiting for new episodes! The chemistry between those two is through the roof!

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