Jeon Yeo Bin And Nana’s Upcoming Netflix Series “Glitch” Announces Premiere Date With First Poster

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Netflix’s new series “Glitch,” starring actors Jeon Yeo Bin and Nana, has released the first poster confirming its premiere next month.

On September 2, Netflix announced that it will release “Glitch” on October 7.

It is a four-dimensional pursuit drama in which Ji Hyo, who can see aliens, and Bora, who has been tracking aliens, approach the reality of the unidentified mystery while chasing the whereabouts of Ji Hyo’s boyfriend, who disappeared without a trace.

Jeon Yeo Bin plays Ji Hyo, who sometimes sees aliens but pretends not to see them, and Nana plays Bora, a streamer who pursues mystery and Ji Hyo’s childhood friend.

The story of two people who seem normal people but can see aliens is portrayed in a way that is completely unimaginable.

Director No Duk, who made the movies such as “Very Ordinary Couple” and “Journalist,” directed the drama, and Jin Sae, who wrote the Netflix series “Extracurricular,” wrote the drama.

In the released poster, Jeon Yeo Bin is seen standing in the middle of a mysterious space with a lost expression.

The drama is set to premiere on October 7.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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