Han Ji Min And Shin Ha Kyun’s Upcoming Original TVING Series “Yonder” Unveils First Poster And Confirms Premiere Date

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The upcoming TVING original series “Yonder” starring Han Ji Min and Shin Ha Kyun has released first poster confirming the premiere date.

On August 26, the original TVING series “Yonder” has released a teaser poster with a sentimental and mysterious atmosphere starring Han Ji Min and Shin Ha kyun.

“Yonder” is a story that takes place when a man who received a message from his late wife is invited to Yonder, an unknown space where he can meet her. The world created by the memory of the dead, through various groups facing “Yonder” that everyone would have dreamed of at least once, asks the fundamental question of what life, death, and eternal happiness are.

Above all, attention is focused on the fact that it is director Lee Joon Ik’s entry into the OTT drama, who is loved and trusted by the public, for melodrama stories. High expectations are pouring in for his new challenge, he has been well-known as a “master of period dramas,” producing numerous masterpieces such as films “The Book Of Fish,” “Dongju: The Portrait Of A Poet,” and “The King and The Clown.” On top of that, the reason for waiting is enough only with the meeting of trusted actors such as Shin Ha Kyun, Han Ji Min, Lee Jung Eun, and Jin Young Jung.

Shin Ha Kyun is playing Jae Hyun, a journalist in Science M who continues his empty life after his wife’s death. He receives a mysterious e-mail from his late wife and feels confused about her existence by having an unbelievable reunion. Shin Ha Kyun, who has built his own solid acting career, intimately depicts the complex emotions.

Han Ji Min plays Jae Hyun’s dead wife, ‘Hui’. After her death, she lives a new life in “Yonder”, and leads Jae Hyun there. Han Ji Min’s choice to portray the character “after Death” between virtual and reality is once again expected.

Director Lee Joon Ik said, “Yonder makes me think a lot about my current happiness in the relationship between life and death. It focuses on the psychological elements of the character.”

In the poster released, Han Ji Min is seen giving a special invitation to lead Shin Ha Kyun to an unfamiliar world stimulating curiosity.

“Yonder” is expected to enter the global market as the first joint investment between TVING and Paramount+ and create a K-content sensation.

The original TVING series “Yonder” will be released on TVING in October.

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