Why Gong Yoo Received Backlash For His First Project After “Goblin,” And How He Responded To It

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Gong Yoo opens up about the backlash he received for starring in his upcoming movie!

Gong Yoo has been relatively away from the spotlight for the past two years. Following the success of “Goblin,” Gong Yoo took a break from activities and when working focused on advertisements and photoshoots.

It was only natural for fans to miss him after his break, but his comeback project took many by surprise and caused some backlash.

On September 30, Gong Yoo and Jung Yu M attended a press conference for the upcoming film “Kim Ji Young, Born in ’82,” which is scheduled to premiere sometime in October (exact date hasn’t been decided yet).

Gong Yoo talked about the criticism they received for starring in a movie based on the feminism novel, feminism is a highly divisive topic in South Korea, with many either completely for or heavily against.

Gong Yoo said,

“I accepted the offer without even thinking about it much.

After I finished reading the script, I began to think a lot about my family. It is very rare for me to cry while reading a script, but I cried while reading this script.

It is not often that I feel like I am in the situation whilst reading the text. I knew I had to it because I was immersed in Dae Hyun (Gong Yoo’s character name) and became emotional.

My family came to my mind and I called my mom. I called her to thank her. I thanked her for raising me, and although she was slightly taken back, she seemed happy because she laughed.”

Gong Yoo also thinks that it’s a good film to watch for his generation, his parents’ generation and even the next generation, he says there was no reason for him to hesitate.

“Kim Ji Young, Born in ’82” is about an ordinary wife in her 30s named Kim Ji Young, she suffers from depression and faces sexism in her society. The novel was a huge success and sold over 1 million copies. However, the book itself faced backlash for becoming the representative of feminists in South Korea, which is still a sensitive issue and has revolved around many controversial topics in the past.

Previously, Red Velvet Irene and Seo Ji Hye were criticized for reading the novel. Irene was heavily attacked for stating that she read it while on vacation, this even led to some male fans burning her merchandise.

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  1. Gong Yoo.. I support you 1000%. Do whatever project speaks to you, or moves you.. Just do your best to represent it and represent it well. God bless.

    1. It takes courage to move forward, may this story bring alight women’s courage in all its Glory. Well done Gong Too, looking forward to meet you.

    2. Gong Yoo keep going! From where I stand it (in the far Western Atlantic), it seems to me that you bring bring a healthy positivity to your work. You also radiate charm and a sense of well being and no one deserves negative backlash and judgement from the personal choices one makes in life or career. Your Mum must be very proud of you! Why does this happen so much in S Kor society.?

      1. It takes quite a man to step out of the box and look at the big picture…. I like how he in retrospect thought of his mom right off the bat and called her and thanked her… I personally haven’t read the book I probably wouldn’t understand much of it because it’s from a Korean aspect and I’m not Korean I am American and female.,.. and American feminism probably different all the way around. Gong yoo you keep making these wonderful movies and dramas and making us all happy!!!

  2. All great people insure backlash from those who would see the world dry up from stagnating. The power of the great thinker is to stand strong in there conviction. You are not alone. Change brings fear and fear is the enemy of progression.

  3. Females are human too living in the same society as well. Their rights and emotions are as important as males, especially when it comes to married women a mother who has so many roles to play in her span of so called marriage…
    Gong yoo salute to you for t
    Aking this project and looking forward to this movie.
    All the best… prayers for you man.

  4. Great actors are not afraid of being a controversial figure or of backlash.. they follow their hearts to express themselves through the story they portray.. Gong Yoo.. you are one such great actor!!
    I acknowledge and salute you for your courage and sincerity to raise awareness of the ugliness of our society. Hopefully through your power of influence the world can be a better place. Your other movie Dugani was another example of how you are using your skill and popularity as an actor to create positive difference in this world by raising awareness to the wrong and ugliness that the world tries to sweep under the carpet!! Kudos.. you will be well remembered as an actor that dare to be courageous to make a positive difference in this world

  5. Good for him for doing the movie. How lucky is the woman he will marry one day for having found a man who can be moved to tears by a script on a such a controversial topic.

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