This “Fight My Way” Actress Quit Being A Flight Attendant To Pursue Her Dream Of Becoming An Actress

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There is a new rookie actress that is currently the talk of town in “Fight My Way” but her inspiring story of striving to be an actress will make you love her even more.

Actress Pyo Ye Jin has garnered much attention for playing the trainee who has a crush on one of the main leads in the KBS’s hit drama “Fight My Way”.

But her recent photos of her flight attendant days, is whats garnering the most attention right now.

The actress has previously talked about the time she became a flight attendant, back when she was turning 19 years old she was picked to become a flight attendant for Korean Air.

This photo shows Pyo Ye Jin in Korean Air flight attendant blue attire looking all cute.

During a past interview the rookie actress Pyo Ye Jin revealed that the reason she was able to become a flight attendant as because of her experience with blind dates.

She talked about being asked back then (by people interviewing her) about her greatest strength point, back then she gave a funny adorable answer saying:

“I have always managed to score a second date after a bling first date. I always give good first impressions”

The actor later revealed that she quit after a year and a half because she desperately wanted to chase her dream and become an actress.

Pyo Ye Jin has started doing dramas back in late 2012 and was a part of many hit dramas such as “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop” and “Doctors”.

Her role as Ye Jin in “Fight My Way” has drawn lots of attention towards her, she’s being praised for the hard work she put in and her acting chops.

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