“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Ratings Continue To Skyrocket, The 20% Mark Within Reach

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo” continues to impress with its massive popularity.

According to Nielsen Korea, the July 27 broadcast of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” garnered an average nationwide rating of 15.780%, again, breaking their previous ratings record they had achieved with last week’s episode [13%].

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” breaks ENA’s ratings records again as the most watched show they’ve created.

KBS2’s “Jinxed at First” scored an average nationwide rating of 2.6%, a noticeable dip from last week’s ratings.

tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Adamas” joins the ratings race and scored an average nationwide rating of 3.502%.

“Adamas” is led by Ji Sung, Seo Ji Hye, Lee Soo Kyung, Heo Sung Tae and more. It tells the story of twin brothers who want to uncover the truth from an incident that occurred 22 years ago. They work together to clear their father who was accused of murdering their stepfather.

JTBC’s “Insider” recorded an average nationwide rating of 2.944%, it airs its final episode today.

Source: Nielsen Korea

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