Coupang Play Responds To The Director Of Suzy’s Drama “Anna” Plan To File Lawsuit

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Coupang Play released its statement in response to the director’s intension to file a lawsuit against them.

On August 3, Coupang Play released statement addressing Director Lee Joo Young and the recent accusations she’s made against the platform in relation to “Anna.”

Recently, the legal representative of Director Lee Joo Young told OSEN that they have publicized their position in regards to “Anna,” by that, they’re referring to the news that the director is seeking to file a lawsuit against Coupang Play.

According to the director, she was not happy with the changes made to “Anna.” Originally, the drama was intended to be eight episodes but was reduced to six episodes. Lee Joo Young’s lawyer says Coupang Play made changes without input from the director and released a 6-episode drama. The lawyer argues the filming, editing and narrative were all damaged due to the platform’s actions.

In addition, the director wants her name to be removed from the credits for the 6-episode version. The lawyer argues that Coupang Play infringed on the director’s copyright with their actions.

Director Lee Joo Young also called for Coupang Play to issue an apology and release the original 8-episodes as the director’s cut in addition to removing her name from the credits for the 6-episode version.

Coupang Play Full Statement is as follows:
This is to convey the Coupang Play’s official statement regarding the press release by director Lee Ju Young of “Anna” on August 2.
Since the beginning of filming of “Anna”, Coupang Play has given full support and trust to director Lee Ju-young and the production team at the front-line site. However, we found that the direction of the director’s editing was significantly different from that of the original Coupang Play, the director, and the production company (content map).
Over the past few months, Coupang Play has requested specific modifications in the work to the director but the director has refused to do so.
With the consent of the production company, and under our rights stipulated in the contract, Coupang Play edited the work to match the original production intentions, resulting in a highly acclaimed work by the viewers.
In order to respect the direction of the director’s editing, a total of eight episodes of “Anna” will be released in August, as already officially announced on July 8. The supervisory board will be released as soon as the review of the Yeongdeungpo-gu Committee is completed.

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