The Cast Of “Fight My Way” Enjoys The Sun And The Sea Together During Their Reward Vacation

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The Cast Of “Fight My Way” was confirmed to be going on a reward vacation after the drama ends.

“Fight My Way” enjoyed huge success and ended its last episode with double digits and in first place as usual.

The entire cast of the drama enjoyed a vacation together in Jeju Island, various actors of the drama posted photos of them enjoying their vacation together.

Actress Pyo Ye Jin shared a photo with Park Seo Joon and Song Ha Yeon together smiling and enjoying their time, the caption of the photo that reads: “its not over until its over!”

끝날때까지 끝난게아니다! 🌊🌊🔥

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Despite the fact that both Song Ha Yeon and Pyo Ye Jin had a bad relationship with their characters in the drama, they seem to be enjoying each other’s company.

Park Seo Joon also shared a couple of photos with the cast of the drama, smiling brightly and sharing hugs.

Park Seo Joon shared a photo of him and Choi Woo Shik recreating a photo from 2013, the two are known to be good friends in real life.

again 2013

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He also shared another photo with the rest of the cast with the caption “Everyone worked hard, Jeju island off-season training.” The photo included almost all the other main cast of the drama.

다들 고생많으셨어요 제주도 전지훈련 photo by 쭈만이

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He also shared a third photo with Kim Ji Won and Choi Woo Shik, the three of them were smiling happily together posing for a close photo, the photo caption read: “I am glad to have found the greatest partners again.”

최고의파트너 들을 만나서 또 한번 행복했다.

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We hope that the cast of the drama enjoyed their vacation together. They all worked so hard on the drama.

We can’t wait to see them in upcoming projects soon!

Do you miss “Fight My Way” already?

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