“Bad Prosecutor” Releases Main Poster Featuring The Main Cast Including EXO D.O, Lee Se Hee, Ha Joon And More

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KBS 2TV’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bad Prosecutor” has released the main poster!

On September 27, KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Bad Prosecutor” unveiled its main poster featuring leads EXO D.O.Lee Se Hee, Ha Joon, Kim Sang Ho, Lee Si Eon and Joo Bo Young. Check it out down below!

“Bad Prosecutor” is an action investigation drama that breaks down the sanctuary created by wealth and power, and the group of evil living in it.

EXO D.O. plays the role of Jin Jung, a prosecutor who will remain in the prosecution’s history. At the same time, he will punish those in power who are corrupt with expedient rather than political law, trick more, and are dishonest rather than sincere, and at the same time repay the wicked by ten times in a way that makes it “an eye for an eye.”

Lee Se Hee takes on the role of senior prosecutor Shin Ah Ra. Ha Joon will play the role of the elite and ambitious prosecutor Oh Do Hwan, he wants to climb up to the top using whatever means possible. Kim Sang Ho will play the role of Park Jae Kyung, the mysterious head of the Civil Affairs Office. Lee Si Eon will transform to hacker Go Joong Do, whose weak skills leads him to be dragged by Jin Jung because he knows his weakness. Joo Bo Young plays the role of Baek Eun Ji, the daughter of the chairman of the nationwide organization Baekgom.

Lastly, Kim Tae Woo takes on the role of chief prosecutor Kim Tae Ho.

Meanwhile, KBS2’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bad Prosecutor” will premiere at 9:50 p.m. on Wednesday, October 5.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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