“While You Were Asleep” Finally Wraps Up Filming, And Releases FIRST EVER Teaser Photos

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Finally the highly anticipated SBS drama “While You Were Asleep” revealed to have completed filming.

On the 31st of July, the production team shared,

“We have completed filming for ‘While You Were Asleep’ back on the 27th of July after shooting started back in late February. We will do our best for the drama that will be broadcasted this fall.”

This is the first ever drama in which both hallyu stars Lee Jong Suk and Suzy share the screen. Many fans are super excited about the upcoming drama.

The director of “While You Were Asleep” has worked on some of the most popular dramas including “My love from the star” and 2016’s “Doctors”.

It was also revealed that the director and production staff gifted both leads with bouquets. The surprise gift brought smiles to the actor and actress.

The team also applauded their hard work and embraced each other as they wrapped up the five long months of shooting.

“While You Were Asleep” will air following the completion of “Reunited Worlds” which is currently achieving good ratings among its competitors.

“While You Were Asleep” talks about a woman who foresees events in the future played by Suzy, and a prosecutor (played by Lee Jong Suk) who try to stop her dreams from becoming a reality.

Here is the first teaser photo of the upcoming drama.

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