[BREAKING] Ahn Jae Hyun Finally Breaks His Silence, Claims Ku Hye Sun Trespassed Into His Apartment 

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Its been a couple of days since the news of Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun divorce went viral. So far, Ahn Jae Hyun had kept his silence speaking only through his agency, fans have wanted to hear his side of the story and they finally get to hear it.

An hour ago, Ahn Jae Hyun published a long message to his Instagram account. In the message, he apologizes and explains his side of the story. He denies the cheating allegations brought by his wife and talks about what went wrong and why it went wrong.

At first he started off with an apology, he said,

“This is Ahn Jae Hyun. I’m very apologetic to have caused concern with my personal life. I married Goo Hye Sun because I really loved and respected her. Since we’re both public figures, I sincerely hoped that this would be quietly taken care of.

This is why I had planned to remain silent and endure the sudden disclosure to the public. “

He explains he’s writing this letter to address the rumors that have been negatively affecting him and those around him, he says,

“I was put under the suspicion and falsely slandered for contacting multiple women while drunk.”

He starts off by explaining that he married her and loved her, but it was also a burdensome time for him mentally, he says he tried to improve the relationship but it wasn’t easy getting to know each other.

“In the end, we decided to go our separate ways because we didn’t agree, and I left the house, so that she and our 5 animals could live comfortably.

After many discussions, Ku Hye Sun and I decided to divorce on July 30.”

He goes on to claim that he paid the settlement money that she calculated and arranged and it included the daily wages and the money she donated at the time of their marriage. He says he tried to follow her opinion fully,

“It wasn’t because I wanted to find a reason to end our marriage, but because in my heart, I wanted to be at least a bit of a financial help to my beloved wife.

However, a few days later she claimed the ownership of the apartment we lived in because the amount we first agreed on wasn’t enough.”

He goes on to claim this was when he decided to notify the agency [on August 8], he says the CEO (a female) had tried to persuade him to hold back on the divorce and be wary of the timing of his divorce.

He then goes to claim she did something serious, he claims Ku Hye Sun trespassed the place he had been staying in on August 9, he says,

“On the night of August 9, she came in and lied to the guard telling him she had lost the key and came in with the spare key. She entered my officetel and started to record and go through my phone, telling me, ‘this isn’t trespassing; I came in because I am your wife.’ At the time, I was sleeping and her actions were so sudden and scared me.

When she was looking through my phone messages, she saw a portion of my answers to something else me and the CEO were talking about. I said (I didn’t ask for it and I have no right to ask for the house.) I didn’t curse.

That night made me think that we can no longer maintain our marriage and hurt each other, and I once again set my heart on divorce.”

He then goes on to claim that Ku Hye Sun contacted him later saying she wanted a divorce; she hired a lawyer, she and him drafted a statement to the press. He says they set the date to the 28th. He adds that he had to get a loan and sell his house because of her demands,

“I had no reason but to tell the agency, I didn’t do it so that they could interfere in my personal life but as an actor with a contract, I wanted to share the circumstances of what could happen in the future.”

He then opens up about his battle with depression saying he attended therapy for a year and 4 months and had been taking anti-depressants, he says he’s done all that he can as a husband and has never once done anything shameful.

“I saw that she wanted to protect our family. She distorted the truth of what we had agreed on after a long conversation and hurt others with it.

After seeing her continually release her own twisted stories, I further lost the confidence that we can continue our marriage.”

He then goes on to apologize to everyone who was affected by his personal issues, ‘I feel so apologetic I could die and feel dishonor.’ He also apologized to his wife and apologized for his shortcomings as a husband.


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