After A Month Long Silence, Song Hye Kyo’s Agency Announces Strict Plan For Suing Malicious Rumors And Comments

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It’s been almost a month since the announcement of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki’s divorce.

Back then, Song Joong Ki personally announced the news to the press and Song Hye Kyo followed with a statement of her own confirming the divorce.

A couple of days ago, the divorce was finalized and they became officially divorced.

Back when speculations began when the announcement was made Song Joong Ki’s side immediately announced their stance promising strict legal action against anyone who writes or spread malicious comments and rumors. However, Song Hye Kyo side didn’t release a similar statement.

Due to a variety of reasons, k-netizens took Song Joong Ki’s side and many began writing malicious hurtful comments and many spread false harmful rumors about Song Hye Kyo.

On July 25, Song Hye Kyo’s agency UAA announced to the press that they plan on taking strict legal action against everyone who wrote and spread malicious rumors and comments. They revealed they’ve actually hired the law firm Kim & Chang on June 28 in preparation for the hate defamatory comments that spread soon after.

UAA revealed they have already filed their first complaint to the Bundang Police Station after gathering evidence and will continue to file more lawsuits against any community, YouTubers or netizens who post malicious comments as soon as they secure evidence.

They announced they will not negotiate with the netizens who created and spread groundless posts and insults. They added,

“This caused Song Hye Kyo unimaginable pain.”

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

It’s sad that almost always the woman is the one who gets attacked during such events.

Since it’s illegal to do such things in South Korea, these netizens should have known better and should have seen that coming.

I was personally taken back by this because when Song Joong Ki announced (on June 28) that he plans on suing defamatory comments her agency didn’t release a similar statement, now they came out with what I exepcted which I find kinda weird.

Why did they allow these people to post so much hate and hurtful comments all over the place for one month and then proceeded to sue a month later?

If they had threatened legal action on June 28, I promise we wouldn’t have seen 90% hurtful comments because people would be scared of speaking awful things about her since they could be sued.

If you don’t know, it’s costly to sue these netizens in South Korea. Lawyers’ fees will probably be high (not that they can’t afford it, she is rich), but I am just curious as to why it took them so long. I don’t know….

Regardless, I know that netizens will be a lot more careful right now. I hope she isn’t hurt too much by these comments, I wish her nothing but the best. It must’ve been a rough time for her.

Fighting for both of them!

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. It is very unfair for Song Hye Kyo to receive such negative and hurtful comments. She was put in a bad light. She didn’t deserve it. Whatever their reasons, fans should have given her the benefit of the doubt. Am a fan of the couple since DOTS but I stand by Kyo. I guess she just chose to be quiet then but decided finally tthat she has to take legal action because it has continued and it is hurting her more.

  2. Circumstances come and go. On the surface they may look sad or happy, but both sadness and happiness are just interpretations of a single circumstance. they belong to the same continuum. being sad or happy is a.choice. learning to look at things as they are will give us peace because there will be nothing added to the circumstance. All i know is that song hye kyo met song joongki, got married and divorced. if we will continue to just watch how things will turn out after that, we shall know why these all happened. so i cant say if it is a blessing or a curse that they met. i choose to observe and refrain from judging. i just want to pray for the best for both of them and maintain peace.

  3. Having divorced myself after many years of marriage I am well aware of the pain you hide behind your smile. Anyone who thinks otherwise is lacking sense. To cause her more pain at one of the most painful times in her life is unforgivable. Shame on you.

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