Actress Cho Ji Woo Shares Cute Photos Of Her Daughter

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Actor Choi Ji Woo shared her daughter’s lovely appearance through Instagram.

On August 4, Choi Ji Woo shared a photo of her daughter on her Instagram story, saying, “What are you looking for?”

The photo displays the lovely appearance of the daughter captured by mother Choi Ji Woo. The cute duo, mom and daughter spending time at the beach as if they were on vacation. The daughter’s stormy back, wearing a lovely dress and walking barefoot on the sandy beach, is full of cuteness. In the picture, the daughter’s seen concentrating as if she had found something in the sand and couldn’t take her eyes off of it made Ji Woo smile automatically.

Meanwhile, Choi Ji Woo married a non-celebrity 9 years younger in 2018 and has a daughter.

Isn’t the mother-daughter pair look cute together?

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