Top 9 Korean Dramas That Aired In 2017 You Can Binge-Watch This Christmas

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2017 was a pretty good year for Korean dramas.

A lot of good interesting dramas came out in 2017, some had interesting plots we rarely saw being covered in Korean dramas. 2017 also had its fair share of prosecution themed dramas and time-travel themed dramas.

Of course, since a lot of Korean dramas came out this year, many were probably on your to-watch list. This Christmas presents a chance for you to catch up on some of 2017’s best Korean dramas.

So today, I am talking about nine Korean dramas you can marathon this Christmas.

School 2017

If you’re into school-themed dramas, “School 2017” is the drama for you.

If you’re a student yourself or you’re obsessed with Korean dramas similar to “Boys Over Flowers,” “Playful Kiss,” and “The Heirs,” “School 2017” is the drama for you.

Centred around ambitious Korean students facing many challenges and concurring them through the newest installation of the popular KBS’s series “School.”

The entire cast is young and they all put on an amazing performance for the drama. The drama is inspiring, it tackles real life issues, that not only Koreans can relate to but students from all around the world can relate to as well.

Witch’s Court

Jung Ryeo Won’s return to the small screen in 2017 was met with great response from both international and national fans.

“Witch’s Court” tells the story of a feisty prosecutor who resorts to drastic methods to solve some of the cases she’s handed. She then gets transferred to a special division dealing with sex crimes.

“Witch’s Court” was one of 2017 most entertaining dramas, and also one of KBS’s most successful 2017 dramas. There was no dull moment in the entire 16 episodes of the drama.

The characters are well-written and portrayed by amazing talented actors. If you’re into dramas that deals with heavy subjects and revolves around prosecutors fighting for justice, “Witch’s Court” is the drama for you.

Chief Kim

“Chief Kim” is one of 2017 funniest Korean dramas.

If you’re feeling down or bored this Christmas, “Chief Kim” will fill that void for you.

“Chief Kim” tells the story of a con-man who accidentally becomes the chief of a division in the corrupt TQ group, at first, he’s there to cover up and run away with a large sum of cash, but because of a female that works in his office, he changes and becomes a better man, he also tries his best to end the corruption in TQ group.

Despite the fact that there isn’t much romance in the drama, the bromance is more than enough, the drama will make you laugh your butt off, and you will fall in love with Nam Goong Min’s amazing hilarious performance as “Chief Kim.”

Go Back Couple

Only 12 episodes long, “Go Back Couple” is perfect for those who are looking for a good drama to watch but don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

“Go Back Couple” is a short drama that dives straight to the point. As its title hints, the drama is about a couple going back in time. The two are played marvellously by Jung Nara and Son Ho Joon.

The couple are nearing the end of their marriage, they regret ever meeting each other, on the day of their divorce they go back to their 20s and get the chance to correct everything that went wrong with their lives.

The drama is about love, family and patience. Jung Nara’s performance will make you cry on several occasions, she plays the role of a burned down mother who struggles to communicate with her husband, her husband is trying his best to provide for his family.

Jung Nara and Son Ho Joon share amazing chemistry, the drama is a treat and the perfect kdrama to watch in Christmas surrounded by those you love, it will help you appreciate everyone’s presence and enjoy those close to you company while you still can.

Father Is Strange

If you’re into longer kdramas, and don’t mind marathoning Korean dramas for 10 hours at a time, “Father Is Strange” is the drama for you.

“Father Is Strange” is one of 2017’s most popular long kdramas, with 52 episodes, you sure have a lot on your hand to keep you busy for the long holidays.

The drama tells the story about Byun family with four children and the people around them. One day an idol actor suddenly shows up to the father of the family and claims he’s his son.

Don’t let the 52 episodes tag frighten you, once you start watching you’ll be hooked on the drama, 52 episodes won’t be enough for you.

The drama stories about everyday family trouble will hit close to home, you will fall in love with the main characters, the way they bicker and the way they back each other up when in need will warm up your heart during this cold winter.

The chemistry between the cast will make you believe that they’re truly a family, not a bunch of actors trying to ‘act.’

Hospital Ship

One of the few medical dramas this year, “Hospital Ship” is about a feisty arrogant surgeon, who’s life changes once she boards a ship that travels the sea to help those in need.

Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk put on amazing performances and had good chemistry together. The drama is different from your average medical drama, it focuses on difficult-to-deal-with female character and a mild-kind male character, which is quite the opposite of what we’re usually used to in Korean dramas.

If you’re a sucker for romantic Korean dramas, “Hospital Ship” will entertain you and keep you busy this Christmas with its 20 episodes.


Arguably one of 2017 best kdramas, “Defendant” has one of 2017’s most unique plots, it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The drama tells the story of a prosecutor working at Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office.

One day, he wakes up and finds himself a convict on death row. Suffering from temporary amnesia, he has no idea how he ended up in prison. He struggles to recover his memory and clear his name after being convicted of killing his wife and little daughter.

Ji Sung and Uhm Ki Joon put on one of 2017’s best male performances, Uhm Ki Joon playing the bad guy will make you hate him but also love his amazing acting.

It’s one of 2017 best legal dramas, the great chemistry between the whole cast and the bromance in the drama made it one of 2017’s highest rated mid-length Korean dramas.


“Black” is one of 2017’s most underrated dramas.

It tells the story of a grim reaper named black and a woman who can see the shadows of death, the two break the rules of heaven and try to save lives, they also fall in love in the process.

“Black” will probably go down in kdrama history as one of the most elaborative well-thought (in most cases) Korean dramas. You need to keep your eyes wide open, because almost every tiny detail matters in “Black.”

Throughout the first half of its run, it will confuse you, but once you start understanding why everything is happening the way it is, you will be hooked.

The drama has an interesting plotline with lots of twists and turns, it will keep you very busy during holiday.


One of OCN’s most successful dramas, “Voice” has one very interesting plot.

It tells the story of voice-profiler woman and a tough detective, both lost their loved ones to a psychopathic serial killer, they team up to find the killer responsible for the death of their loved ones.

Jang Hyuk put on an amazing performance as the tough detective who will stop at nothing to catch criminals. Kim Jae Wook also puts on arguably his best performance ever.

Although the drama is dark, it remains interesting, thought provoking and emotional.

If you’re into crime related dramas, “Voice” should be on you-to-watch list this Christmas.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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