Lee Shin Young, MONSTA X’s Hyungwon, Choi Jung Woon And More Join Xiumin For Upcoming Drama “President Idol Mart”

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The drama “President Idol Mart” has confirmed its main cast.

Recently, the production behind “President Idol Mart” revealed the casting, saying, “We have completed a brilliant casting lineup with youth combination of Lee Shin Young, EXO Xiumin, MONSTA X Hyungwon, Choi Jung Woon, Choi Won Myung, Lee Sae On, and Kim Shana.”

“President Idol Mart” is a drama consisting of various episodes that take place when former idol group members gather to run a mart and depicts the challenge of running a mart business by an idol group that was disbanded due to an unexpected accident. As idol group ‘Thunderboys’ takes over the failing mart, they encounter many situations. In an instant, dreams, careers, and the future disappear, and the extraordinary life reboot of the five young people facing the ‘real’ reality causes viewers to become interested in what will come.

Director Lee Yoo Yeon who was praised for their witty directing in “Best Mistake,” and author Jang Kyung Rim, who wrote “Fly, Again,” will unite to complete a different youth comedy. The production was conducted by The Great Show Co., Ltd., which has boldly created works dealing with novels such as the drama “Navillera,” “The Road: The Tragedy of One,” and “Fly, Again.”

The hot combination of the popular young names raises the expectations even more.

Lee Shin Young will play Choi Ho Rang, who became the leader and accidentally becomes the president of the idol group Thunder Boys, which was disbanded. Choi Ho Rang is a blunt person but takes care of the members more than anyone else. Instead of unaccounted-for advertising fees, they accidentally acquire Boram Mart and start a business.

EXO Xiumin, who celebrated the 10th anniversary of his debut this year, is the main dancer of “Thunder Boys” and plays Boram Mart cashier Shin Tae Ho, who is thorough in calculating money. He is a self-centered but deep person who grows up without lacking in anything, encounters customers the most, and acts as a cashier for Boram Mart. Xiumin, who is making a comeback with a drama, is raising expectations of global fans beyond Korea.

Hyungwon of the group MONSTA X will play the role of ‘Too Much Talker’ rapper Jo Yi Joon. Jo Yi Jun is in charge of “Entertainment Character” in Thunder Boys. He even discovers an unexpected talent at Boram Mart’s fisheries corner. Attention is also focused on Hyungwon’s transformation, which drew attention from fans for his starring role in “Fly, Again” last year.

Young rising star Choi Jung Woon, who won the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards for her first feature drama “Moving On,” will play Boram Mart’s secret influential part-timer “Oh Ye Rim.” Oh Ye Rim is a strong person who leads the new owners with her 7th year of experience at Boram Mart. Expectations are high for Choi Jung Woon’s acting in her first drama in “President Idol Mart.”

Choi Won Myung plays Eun Young Min, a vocalist of Thunder Boys and in charge of Boram Mart’s meat section. Eun Young Min is a gentle and tasteful rural man who always acts as a mediator among the members who are full of distinct personalities. He meets his first love when he was an idol by chance at Boram Mart. Choi Won Myung, who has built his own character by going back and forth between various genres, adds vitality to the drama.

Lee Sae On plays the role of Yoon Sang Woo, who is in charge of popularity along with the youngest member of Thunder Boys. On the day when he was nominated for first place five years after his debut, his dream of becoming an idol vanished into thin air. Although he passionately works hard to save the mart with his reunited brothers, he is still thirsty for the stage.

On top of that, Kim Shana will take on the role of Jina, a member of the best girl group “Chain Girls.” Jina is a character with an inseparable story from the members of Thunder Boys, adding another aspect to the drama.

Meanwhile, the programming channel is under discussion as it is scheduled to be broadcast in 2023.

Are you excited for this drama?

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