Comedian Haha And His Wife Byul Reveal Their Daughter Has Overcome A Rare Disease

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Comedian Haha and his wife Byul have revealed their daughter has overcome a rare disease.

On September 27, Byul informed everyone of her daughter’s rare disease and recovery on her SNS, saying,

“I’m conveying news after a long time. My Song Yi (daughter’s name) is sick. So I couldn’t do anything for a while. It happened suddenly to a child who was so healthy that not only the sick child, but also my family had a very hard time.
I’ve never even heard of Guillain Barre syndrome (name of the sickness) before. ‘Why did the smallest, youngest, and weakest Song Yi in our home get such a rare disease?’ Our daughter recovered quickly enough to say that it was a miracle.
She’s getting better day by day even after she got home from the hospital. The child, who was sick to the level of not being able to stand or walk alone, now walks and stands on her own even after letting go of her mother’s hand. Thank you for being alive, thank you for being able to breathe healthily, and thank you for being able to pray. I pray for mothers who are still in more pain because they can’t take care of their sick children instead.”

Guillain Barre syndrome is an inflammatory disease that is widely seen in peripheral and brain nerves. The mother Byul prayed every day to make her sick instead.

Haha and Byul got married in 2012. They have a son and two daughters. Recently, Byul showed her family through Byul’s YouTube channel. This is why netizens feel sorrier about the news of the youngest daughter Song Yi Yang’s fight against a rare disease.

The family has a special meaning to Byul. Byul debuted at the age of 21 and was greatly loved by the song ‘DECEMBER 32’. a situation in which success was imminent, the news of her father’s sudden death took away all the meaning of it. Haha, Byul’s husband, registered marriage with Byul as soon as he heard this news. It was in order to be the chief mourner of the funeral.

To Byul, Haha and his children have become another reason for living. It was her three siblings and her husband Haha who filled the emptiness of losing her father. The thought of taking the blame, ‘Isn’t it my fault?’ is inevitable in every parent’s mind.

Father Haha chose responsibility over sadness, saying, “I couldn’t be sad because my child was sick.” Haha, who has been on entertainment shows and made us laugh until now. Unlike his bright expression, he was festering inside.

Haha and Byul is the parents of three children. They have played a great role as parents for about 10 years. The will to overcome a hurdle rather than frustration suits them. As if to repay her efforts, her youngest daughter, Song Yi, is also recovering. Couple Haha and Byul, it’s time for you both to cheer up.

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