Police Investigating Kpop Entertainment CEO For Forcing Female Trainees To Send Pictures In Underwear, His Reasoning Is Puzzling

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A CEO of a kpop entertainment agency is being investigated by police on allegations of forcing female trainees to send pictures in underwear each week.

According to an exclusive report by YTN on August 22, the Incheon police department is currently investigating a complaint that was filed back in June. The complaint was made against an Entertainment CEO from label ‘A’ who collected underwear body check pictures from girl group trainees every Tuesday from April to June.

Its been reported the pictures were taken by trainees from the front, back, and side as he demanded. He would also reportedly criticize the trainees if they happen to send him the same picture twice, he would point out they wore the same underwear saying its an old photo.

Police have also reportedly raided his office and taken his phone and computers. They have started a full scale investigation.

The CEO claims he received consent from both International and Korean trainees and argues he didn’t have sexual intentions, he also claims he did that ‘so he can help them debut faster.’ He also brings up textbooks in modeling and self-management to justify it as well.

Source: (A)

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  1. Let me partage my opinion in three words about this matter : disturbing, weird and pervert.

    That’s just bizarre with the capital B and what the hell do he mean by it’s gonna make them debut faster ? How ?

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