NCT Jaehyun And Park Hye Soo’s Kiss Scene In “Dear.M” Goes Viral, Fans Share Intense Reactions

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NCT Jaehyun and Park Hye Soo’s Kiss Scene In “Dear.M” is getting a lot of attention.

Despite not airing on KBS yet due to the bullying allegations levied against Park Hye Soo, “Dear.M” has managed to air on the OTT platform “VIKI.” Fans of NCT Jaehyun have been following the drama closely since it aired on VIKI and the recent episodes featured Jaehyun’s first ever on-screen kiss scene.

Note: SPOILERS AHEAD of “Dear.M” episode 8

During the final scenes of “Dear.M,” Ma Joo A [Park Hye Soo] is sitting next to Cha Min Ho [Jaehyun], Min Ho leans in for a kiss after indirectly confessing his feelings to his best friend Ma Joo A. After kissing her, he asks, ‘are you drunk?’ she says no, and he adds, ‘then, no takebacks.’ Then, Jaehyun leans in to kiss Park Hye Soo again.

Fans can’t stop raving about Jaehyun’s first kiss scene, many are also proud of him for pulling it off. As a result of the kiss scene, Jaehyun’s name became a trending topic on Twitter as fans expressed their feelings using hilarious memes and reaction videos.

You can check out Jaehyun and Park Hye Soo’s kiss scene below!

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