“Our Blues” Premieres To A Promising Start, “Again My Life” Ratings Rise


The weekend drama battle is on and its getting heated!

On April 9, two new dramas premiered, “Our Blues” and “My Liberation Diary,” here is how each drama performed in ratings.

Again My Life” continued to rise and according to Nielsen Korea, the drama saw its best rating to date with its second episode. “Again My Life” episode 2 scored an average nationwide rating of 6.4%, a rise from its premiere rating of 5.8%.

MBC’s new drama “Tomorrow” which airs in the same time slot as “Again My Life” came in the second spot with 4.1% in ratings for its 4th episode, a decline from its previous night.

Over on cable, the highly anticipated drama “Our Blues” finally aired. According to Nielsen Korea, the drama is up to a great start, it achieved 7.324% in ratings, a solid start in terms of ratings.

JTBC’s “My Liberation Diary” has also premiered but to a quiet start, it scored an average nationwide rating of 2.9%, considerably lower than its predecessor’s premiere ratings. “Forecasting Love and Weather” premiered to 4.5% in ratings.

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My schedule for the weekend is now fully packed with new kdramas airing this week.

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

I am currently watching all those dramas and I enjoy each one differently.

“Again My Life” is fast-paced and fun, and so are “Our Blues” and “My Liberation Diary,” which are more on the quiet side because they’re healing dramas not action.

I have high expectations of “Our Blues,” I’ve seen the premiere but its wayyy too early to judge, regardless, the many A-list actors who signed on the project must’ve seen something worthy in it.

“My Liberation Diary” looks to be promising too, I hope its ratings rise but I don’t think it will. Not because its bad or it sucks, I loved the first episode but because the drama is slow-paced and it ponders on life a lot, such types of dramas don’t tend to do that well in ratings. It would be nice if im proven wrong.

For the record, reviews of all of those dramas premieres are coming out in the next days.

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