Jaejoong Breaks Election Law By Posting Photo Of Ballot Paper Voting, Gets Criticized


Jaejoong is under fire for his recent social media post.

On March 5, Jaejoong posted a photo of his own ballot paper for the South Korea’s 2022 presidential election. In the post, he captioned, ‘lets all vote,’ and ‘voting done.’

However, he’s since received massive backlash from k-netizens for his post but not only that, he’s actually violated the election law, which states it is illegal for anyone to take pictures inside the polling booth and upload it to social media.

While fans understand he had only done this to encourage people to vote, many are surprised he’s posted the ballot paper to social media as it is a known fact that its illegal to do that.

According to the Korean election law, taking a photo of paper and posting it on social media or sending it via text message can result in up to 2 years of imprisonment or a fine of up to 4,000,000 won [around $3,256 ].

Jaejoong is far from the only Korean celebrity who has been under fire for this, recently, famous singer K-will also posted a photo of his ballot paper and has since issued an apology.

Jaejoong has been away from the limelight for a while now since his April Fools joke in 2020, he initially announced that he was diagnosed with COVID-19 only to later state it was an April fool’s joke. He received massive backlash over his insensitive post and had issued an apology for it.

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