JYJ Jaejoong Posts Official Apology For Falsely Stating He Was Diagnosed With The Coronavirus On April Fool’s Day


JYJ Jaejoong has posted a second apology!

On April 1, JYJ Jaejoong shocked fans when he initially announced that he was diagnosed with COVID-19 only to later state it was an April fool’s joke. He received massive backlash over his insensitive post.

He has now posted a second apology to his Instagram account, he stated,

“I am aware that this was something that shouldn’t be done.”

First, over the social media post that I’ve written, I want to express my sincere apologies to the people who have suffered because of COVID-19 and to those who have been disrupted in their administrative work.

Bad judgment. I knew that’s what this was.”

He goes to explain that he wanted people to be more aware of the situation in hopes of minimizing the number of people who are suffering from COVID-19. He says he fears that as people spend leisure time during such season without precautions, they could cause a secondary wave of infections. He also revealed that his father had recently undergone lung cancer surgery,

“My father had lung cancer surgery, and went to the hospital often. When I saw the medical staff and patients at the hospital, I felt angry and I wished that people thought of the virus as not someone else’s problem but their own.”

Jaejoong also explains that there are many people who continue to roam around without wearing masks and thought there should be more awareness,

“I want to convey the dangerousness of the current situation to them one way or another. ‘please listen, please don’t get sick.’

There are also confirmed cases among those I know. It made me feel that this is not something that is happening far away and it made more scared. Self-reflecting after losing someone is of no help.

It’s frustrating but I want to try harder than now to get through this difficult time together. My post today…. it went very far, but if people pay a lot of attention to it, they might listen. This method hurt a lot of people and I am receiving criticism for it.”

He ended his statement apologizing again to the government agencies, medical professionals and everyone who gave up their lifestyle during such times.

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What do you think of his apology?

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My Personal Thoughts

I am starting to believe that Jaejoong is a lot less charming and sensible than I thought, like by a large margin…

Not only a very simple way of thinking but very diva-like that he believes such a joke would instigate such a response from fans…. over 1 billion people are in self-quarantine and anyone with a brain is taking it seriously, did he seriously think that people will take it seriously if he said he had it?  

This will annoy others who like Jaejoong but it seems to me that he thinks his opinion and statement matter more than it actually does… You’re a singer, Jaejoong not a doctor and not a government official… what are you talking about?

How is faking being infected help people realize they’ve been fucking up and should listen to you? Who are you to instigate such a response? His statement screams arrogance to me….

This feels as if Jaejoong lives in his own world and is so disconnected from everyone else. While idols can help through donations and raise awareness, I won’t be taking their ‘April fool’s prank’ as a wakeup call to start social distancing or wear a mask in public. Any sensible human being is already doing that.

This is common knowledge, not an outlier situation that needs Jaejoong feedback or else the world would go crazy…. He should’ve just apologized and not try to explain why he did it because it just made him sound so disconnected its becoming funny at this point.


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