Sung Hoon And Lee Tae Gon Leave The Cast Of “Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce)” Season 3 + 3rd Season Confirms Premiere Date And Actors Replacement

“Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce)” Season 3 is premiering this month!

On February 3, TV Chosun’s “Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce)” Season 3 confirmed its premiere date with newly released posters, the drama has also announced that Sung Hoon And Lee Tae Gon will not be returning for the 3rd season. Both actors have dropped out of the show, Kang Shin Hyo and Ji Young San will take on their roles instead.

Kang Shin Hyo will take over Sung Hoon’s role as Pan Sa Hyun, and Ji Young San will be replacing Lee Tae Gon’s role as Shin Yoo Shin.

“Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce)” is a drama about three women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who experience shakeups in their marriages and discover their husbands are having affairs. Its a famous Makjang drama by writer Im Sung Han and has become one of the most successful TV Chosun dramas ever.

The prior two seasons were led by Sung Hoon, Lee Tae Gon, Lee Ga Ryung, Lee Min Young, Jeon No Min, Jun Soo Kyung, and more.

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“Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce)” Season 3 will air starting on February 26 at 9 p.m. KST.

You can check out the newly released posters below!

17 thoughts on “Sung Hoon And Lee Tae Gon Leave The Cast Of “Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce)” Season 3 + 3<sup>rd</sup> Season Confirms Premiere Date And Actors Replacement”

  1. I just watched the first episode and you clearly notice a big difference because of the switched actors. These new actors may tank the show completely. Season 3 won’t be a strong season like the previous two, which is sad because I really like the show but find it really hard to look at the new actors and believe them in this story.

  2. Completely agree!! I’m so disappointed!! I don’t say that the new actors are bad, i just simply can follow the history now. So hard to believe who they are replacing, I think I’m watching another serie and not the successful one that have 2 seasons.
    I’m sorry but I’m so so disappointed… it doesn’t feel the same way.

    • I cant get into it now too many new actors even the stepmother is new, which is two in the same family so to see them interact just isnt natural too me. Their facial expressions just are not the same as the orignal actors. Im done with the series.

  3. Same here. I am disappointed. I don’t like the new actors at all. But, I’ve decided to give them a chance. Maybe the other actors, didn’t want to return. They should’ve got better looking actors. So far, It’s good. I still will watch Love,Marriage and Divorce.

  4. On Mondays my coworker and I have a kdrama lunch. We even sometimes order Korean food to chat about the drama(yes mostly spicy rice cakes with KFC and boba, since we can’t drink alcohol during working hours).

    At first we thought something was wrong with us since season 3 doesn’t have the same vibe as season 1&2. It just feels off and awkward. All of the characters seemed to be 10x more emotional, softer it’s just off. The previous seasons were more suspenseful had me at the edge of my seat. Scenes of the new cast are quick short doesn’t really give me time to adjust to the new energy the scenes are rushed new characters do not have much lines. They should have just let go of the roles of the 2main characters send them off to move on and bring new love interest for the ladies. I do have to admit the new cast is trying and am sure it’s hard for them to adjust.

  5. OMG! OMG! OMG! Three main characters replaced…might as well end the series now. Two great looking and great acting men have been replaced by lesser looking actors I am so so sorry to say. When I first began viewing episode 1 of season 3, I couldn’t believe my eyes. All of the suspense, grit and glamour just isn’t there. I loved watching Sung Hoon And Lee Tae Gon. They were great in their roles and made the program not only interesting but believable. The evil and greedy step-mother was also replaced to my utmost chagrin.

  6. I was sad not to have seen the original cast of this series. Their performance were really awesome on the first two episodes. Bad planning of the filming management. This would be a Flop! It has taken 98% if my interest to continue watching the series.


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