Go Hyun Jung, Ahn Jae Hong, And Yeom Hye Ran Confirmed For Upcoming Netflix Series Based On Webtoon


The upcoming Netflix series “Mask Girl” (literal title) has confirmed its main cast!

“Mask Girl” is based on the webtoon of the same name, the webtoon gained massive attention for its unique characters and refreshing plot. The drama will be about an ordinary employee named Kim Mo Mi who is insecure about her looks. Every night, Kim Mo Mi is active as an internet broadcasting jockey (BJ) while hiding her face with a mask. The drama will focus on the story of Kim Mo Mi as she gets unintentionally swept in an incident.

Go Hyun Jung will be playing the leading role of Kim Mo Mi. Kim Mo Mi dreamt of becoming a celebrity when she was young but was rejected because of her looks. She suffers from an inferiority complex, but feels happy when she puts on a mask and becomes an internet BJ.

Ahn Jae Hong will be playing Kim Mo Mi’s coworker Joo Oh Nam who has a one-sided crush on her. He also feels inferior about his looks and lacks presence in general. His only outlet of joy is watching internet broadcasts. He will get swept up in an unexpected incident with Kim Mo Mi.

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Yeom Hye Ran will be taking on the role of Joo Oh Nam’s mom Kim Kyung Ja. She’s a divorcee and only lives to look after her son. After her son goes missing, she begins to search for him.

“Mask Girl” will be helmed and written by director Kim Yong Hoon. It will be produced by Bon Factory of “True Beauty,” “Encounter,” “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim,” “Master’s Sun,” and more.

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

Such a stellar cast.

I generally enjoy webtoon adaptations and this promises to be a good one. I am excited.

Go Hyun Jung makes interesting choices but I am puzzled by this one.

The BJ career usually is done by the younger crowd too as far as I am aware. If anyone has read the webtoon, can you please tell me if the main character was around that age or not [50 years old]?

I am not saying Go Hyun Jung is too old to play such characters either, but as someone who has been a fan, this choice of hers surprised me a bit. I think she’s beautiful but she looks her age. I wonder how the drama will be adapted.

I like Ahn Jae Hong, he’s super talented and I am glad he’s leading this drama. I am also happy to see Yeom Hye Ran gaining so much attention, she’s truly a gem and has always been one but only recently received some attention from the younger audience.