“Single’s Inferno” Kim Hyun Joong Unfollows Freezia On Instagram, Is It Linked To Her Controversy?


“Single’s Inferno” rising star Kim Hyun Joong has unfollowed Freezia (Song Ji Ah) on Instagram the same day she posted her apology regarding her controversy for wearing fake designer clothes.

On January 17, fans have noticed that Kim Hyun Joong has unfollowed Freezia on Instagram, the same day she posted her handwritten apology for wearing fake designer outfits.

While some think that it is linked to her controversy (especially since he still follows the other contestants who appeared with him on the show), others think that he may have done it for other unknown reasons.

Kim Hyun Joong and Freezia appeared together on Netflix’s South Korean reality show “Single’s Inferno,” where he ended up being the final couple with her.

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