“Now We Are Breaking Up” Sees A Huge Jump In Ratings Ahead Of Finale, “Tracer” Joins The Ratings Battle

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“Now We Are Breaking Up” episode 15 saw a massive jump in ratings!

According to Nielsen Korea, “Now We Are Breaking Up” 15th episode became its highest-rated in a while, it scored an average rating of 6.8% nationwide, a huge jump from last week’s episode which had scored its lowest ever with 4.2%. The increase in ratings is being attributed to the conclusion of “The Red Sleeve” which aired in the same time slot and was its competitor.

“Now We Are Breaking Up” will air its final episode on January 8 later today.

Competing in the same time slot is the newly released MBC drama “Tracer,” taking over “The Red Sleeve” time slot. The drama is up to a great start scoring an average rating of 7.4%, noticeably higher than its predecessor’s premiere ratings.

Tracer” is a drama taking place at the National Tax Service. It tells the story of Hwang Dong Joo [Im Siwan], a new team manager of the Seoul Regional Office’s Investigation Bureau, and Go Ah Sung who plays the role of Seo Hye Young, a fellow team member at the Seoul Regional Office, she’s very brazen and unafraid of facing the world head-on.

Lastly, tvN’s “Bad and Crazy” received an average nationwide rating of 3.5%.

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Source: Nielsen Korea

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