“Moonshine” Episode 13 And 14 Broadcast Delayed, Here Is When They’ll Air Instead

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KBS has released a statement to announce changes to the broadcasting schedules of its drama due to the Lunar New Year holidays.

The drama “Moonshine” aired episode 11 and 12 last week as scheduled, however, this week’s episodes have been delayed, instead, special broadcasts on January 31 and February 1 will air instead.

When will “Moonshine” Episode 13 And 14 air?

After the one-week delay, “Moonshine” Episode 13 And 14 were supposed to air on February 7 and 8 respectively, however, they will not air then.

Due to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics coverage, many broadcasting stations are adjusting their schedules. As a result, “Moonshine” Episode 13 And 14 will instead air on the 9th of February respectively.

“Moonshine” is a drama set in Joseon era during a time when the prohibition laws were at their strongest. It tells the love story of Kang Ro Seo (Hyeri), a struggling aristocrat who starts illegally making alcohol in order to support her family, and Joseon’s greatest inspector Nam Young (Yoo Seung Ho).

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