After A Year Of Denying The Bullying Accusations, Kim Dong Hee Issues An Apology And Explanation

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Kim Dong Hee has admitted to the bullying allegations that he’s previously denied.

Last night, it was reported that unlike what Kim Dong Hee’s side has been claiming, the actor had actually admitted to the bullying accusations made against him.

The issue began in February of 2021, when a person uploaded a post claiming to have been bullied by the actor. In December of 2021, Kim Dong Hee’s lawyer stated that the actor was found innocent from all the allegations made against him, however, that appears to have been far from the truth, in fact, the police investigation had revealed that he’s admitted to the bullying accusations and the person he’s sued for defamation was found innocent.

Through his agency, Kim Dong Hee issued an apology, here is what he said,

“Hello, this is Kim Dong Hee.

I would like to tell you my position on the issue reported yesterday.

When I was in the fifth grade of elementary school, I got into a fight with my classmate in the classroom, and got reprimanded by my teacher.

When she heard the news, my mother scolded me a lot, and I went to my classmate’s house with her and apologized to my friend and his mother.

After that, I went to the study room with my friend, ate dinner with their family, and spent a lot of time with their family without any problems, so I thought my friend and his mother had forgiven me. I didn’t know it was my own thought. I didn’t understand that the wounds remained inside.

After the post was posted last year, I wanted to apologize to my friend immediately, but I couldn’t muster up the courage because I was afraid that everything I didn’t do would be accepted as the truth and cause another misunderstanding, and I wanted to correct what wasn’t true. It has already been a year since.

I don’t think I knew my friend’s heart was deeply hurt because of my rash judgment and thoughts when I was young. I sincerely apologize for the hurt he received from me and I want to work things out.

Also, I deeply regret and apologize to those who were hurt by my immature words and actions when I was young.”

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