Former AOA Member Jimin’s Recent Skinny Figure In Instagram Update Worries Fans

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Former AOA Member Jimin’s recent Instagram update is deeply worrying fans.

Recently, Former AOA Member Jimin uploaded new photos to her Instagram, she’s been slowly making her comeback to the scene. However, fans noticed that Jimin looked noticeably skinny, she’s wearing baggy clothes but the clothes still couldn’t hide her skinny frame.

Her face looked slightly sunken. Fans who saw the post left many encouraging comments such as ‘please take care of yourself,’ ‘Don’t miss your meals,’ ‘Jimin!! please remember to eat well and drink water, love you,’ and more.

To be clear, Jimin’s appearance and skinny figure had previously alarmed fans before the bullying scandal began. Back then, many showed concern over her drastic weight loss.

Many fans believe the bullying controversy and the subsequent backlash took a toll on Jimin and her health. Many fans are calling out the netizens who jumped to conclusions and bullied her online.

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