AOA Jimin Skinny Body Brings More Concerns, Some Netizen Suspect She’s Suffering An Eating Disorder

 AOA Jimin weight loss has been the subject of discussion for a while now ever since fans noticed that she has suddenly lost a lot of weight after she posted photos to her Instagram account. 

Many raised their concern and asked Jimin to seek help if she’s suffering from an eating disorder. The subject was brought up again after comedian Song Eun Yi personally commented on her photos. 

Jimin recently visited London and posted photos of herself and the locations she visited. In one of the photos, Comedian Song Eun Yi, who is also managed by the same agency, commented on one of her photos, she said, 

“Are you having a hard time?”

Here the photos:


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FNC Entertainment had previously responded to fans’ worries and told them that Jimin was doing well and is healthy, Jimin also later responded saying she was healthy and doing well. 

Some netizens even started claiming she was anorexic and suffering from an eating disorder and asked her to take good care of herself. Here are some of their comments, 

“Anorexic? Could be… she looks sick, I hope she gets better soon.”

“at this point you start to wonder if she’s sick.”

“She looks like an ostrich, looks unreal.”

“99% anorexia.” 

“Shouldn’t she be hospitalized?”

“There is no way she isn’t anorexic…”

It is neither pretty nor sexy. If you lose weight unconditionally, give up the idea of being pretty. You’re pretty if you’re healthy. 

Men do not like losing weight, women like it. 

Women lose weight to take on their favorite advertising. Men don’t try to lose weight.

Stop and eat.”

What do you think of these photos? 

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