Did HyunA And Dawn Get Engaged? Recent Diamond Ring Causes Rumors

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HyunA and Dawn engagement rumors are circulating around the web, again!

Last month, HyunA caught a bouquet of flowers at her stylist’s wedding. The video had gone viral and fans began to speculate whether the idols were next to get engaged. HyunA fueled those rumors even more after posting wedding-inspired photos of her and Dawn on social media.

The reason HyunA and Dawn engagement rumors are gaining attention again is because of Dawn’s recent post. He shared a photo of his ring finger with a diamond ring, he caption with diamond emojis and fans began to wonder whether he might be teasing the fact that he’s now engaged to HyunA.

HyunA and Dawn have been dating since 2016 and are considered one of the most beloved kpop idol couples. The photo has been a trending topic on Naver with fans speculating on what it could mean.

P-nation has not yet publicly commented on this matter.

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