Bang Si Hyuk Worries Fans After Being Spotted With A Leg Cast And Wheelchair… What’s Going On?

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Bang Si Hyuk has worried fans with a recent update shared about him.

Bang Si Hyuk, who is the founder of HYBE, has been recently spotted on Instagram with his close designer Yoni Pai. The designer has her own brand and has recently opened her own cafe.

Bang Si Hyuk showed up to show support to his friend. However, the photo shown and the designer’s caption worried fans. She wrote,

“Bang Si Hyuk Chairman, whom I respect the most in real life and whom is the most successful out of everyone around me, he turned up at the cafe today and surprised people.

“But to me, it is forever Si Hyuk oppa who buys me food. He hurt his leg but still rode a wheelchair to visit the cafe and was happy for me because there were so many people.”

Her caption worried fans because it appears that Bang Si Hyuk’s leg injury was bad enough for him to use a wheelchair. The reason behind his injury is left unknown for now but fans wish him a fast recovery.

Get well soon, Bang Si Hyuk!

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