The Fair Trade Commission Closes Case Against BTS Jungkook Backdoor Advertisement Complaint, Here Is Why

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The Fair Trade Commission [FTC] has closed the case filed against BTS Jungkook in regards to back door advertisement.

Previously, it was reported that a Complaint about BTS Jungkook’s ‘Back-Door Advertisement’ was filed.

The term refers to individuals [usually in social media] who advertise products to their audiences without disclosing they’ve been either paid or have ties to the product’s company.

Jungkook’s older brother has established a clothing brand called Six6uys Co. Ltd. They manufacture clothing and accessories. A Netizen had actually filed a complaint to the FTC [fair trade commission] asking them to properly and ‘thoroughly’ investigate the issue with Jungkook’s alleged backdoor advertisement and take proper measures against it.

The netizen goes on to claim that despite the fact that Jungkook never told fans to buy the clothing, he wore it and appeared on Naver V Live and uploaded selfies wearing the clothing. The netizen says since BTS has a large following and can influence the masses to buy fashion brands they wear, the fact that he’s worn it is enough to warrant the complaint the netizen filed.

However, on October 27, the FTC stated that it is hard to tell whether Jungkook actions count as backdoor advertisement. They stated that it is difficult to count this as Jungkook deceiving his fans and simply wearing a brand of clothes doesn’t count as backdoor advertisement. The case has officially closed.

The Fair Trade Commission judged that Jungkook did not violate the guidelines for labeling and advertising.

Due to this controversy, Biz Korea revealed that Jungkook had resigned from the company’s position as an in-house director.

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