Choi Jin Hyuk Steps Down From Popular Variety Show Following His Controversy

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Following Choi Jin Hyuk’s controversy in which he broke social distancing rules, the actor will be stepping down from SBS’s popular variety show “My Little Old Boy.”

Choi Jin Hyuk was caught at an entertainment bar around 8:20pm KST on October 6. He was booked by police for violating the Infectious Disease Prevention Act. The bar was subject to level 4 social distancing rules which state such business is banned from operating.

On October 8, his agency issued a statement to announce the actor will be halting his activities due to his recent controversy.

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They stated,

On the 6th, Choi Jin Hyuk violated social distancing rules while with an acquaintance. Choi Jin Hyuk did not know that the bar, which his acquaintance said was open until 10 p.m., was illegally operated. As a result, he misunderstood and thought it wouldn’t be a problem to sit down until 10 p.m.

As part of his hiatus, he will be stepping down from the show, the show will also edit out the actor as much as possible from the footage that has already been filmed for future episodes.

What do you think of this?

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  1. Why do they have to edit out his prior appearances in ‘ My Little Old Boy’ episodes ? Is this part of the penalty he has to suffer ? … I’m gonna miss Oppa Jin hyuk a lot

  2. I personally think the rules for the pandemic have gone too far. It sounds like it was the bars fault for being open. Punish them not a customer who unknowingly goes into the bar. I will no longer watch My Little Old Boy. To take out scenes that Choi Jin Hyuk had already filmed is crazy. Couldn’t he have had a warning and not lose income. I look forward to seeing his next works. From NC, USA

    1. Same thoughts exactly. At least, I prefer this kind of controversy to what the other actors did. It’s not his fault!!! The bar should have been close at the proper time. And now, he will be edited in Mom’s Diary?!!! A typical reaction of the Korean Network. I will miss him there. =(

  3. Well it sounds not fair to kick him out from the show just because of that issues, especially on editing part, that’s ridicilous. The bar owner should conduct an awareness to their customer about the operational hour, and they the one sholud got the punishment not the guest.

  4. I happen to love him in My Little Old Boy. He’s just perfect for the show. They really don’t need to edit his parts. Obviously it was a misunderstanding but he just has to face the consequences of his actions. I think Korean and International audiences are mature enough to not be so critical when a celebrity makes a mistake. Let’s react accordingly. He had an offense but he’s not a criminal.

  5. Yep… He’s the only reason why I’m watching that show … From to this day forward am not looking forward to watch my My Little Old Boy if my OppaJinHyuk’s appearances is no longer there

  6. He shouldn’t be edited out if he did the shooting before this incident. There is nothing wrong with airing the show with him. He doesn’t have any fault at all (unless proven that he knew the illegality of the bar’s operation). If suspension from his shows will be implied, at least leave the episodes he has already done prior to the incident.

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