TXT Beomgyu Reveals BTS V Attempt To Prank Him Hilariously Backfired And Ended With Beomgyu In Tears

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TXT Beomgyu has recently shared a hilarious story about how BTS V once pranked him but it ended with surprising results.

In their latest V Live broadcast, Beomgyu and Soobin sat down to rewatch some of their cover performances from past year-end award shows, this included their cover of “Boy in Luv” at the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon Music Festival.

The members explained why not many realized it because it was a minor mistake, Beomgyu made a slight choreography error while covering V’s part. Beomgyu recalled contacting V prior to the performance to ask him for pointers, Taehyung had told him to do a good job after he gave him pointers.


Beomgyu laughed and recalled,

“So when I had gone to the stage that day, I was thinking, ‘I will tear up the stage today!’ however, during that part, my mic started to go into my mouth so I had to remove it, I ended up making a mistake. Because of it, I was so upset. I had practiced so hard and I wasn’t able to show what I had practiced and I also felt apologetic to the BTS hyungs so I cried on our way back from the dressing room.”

Beomgyu then said he barely managed to stop crying before greeting them. Beomgyu revealed Taehyung had a surprise and was going to do a hidden camera prank on him, he added,

“Taehyung and I contacted each other often, so he had prepared a hidden-camera prank to scold me and ask why I didn’t do a good job.

It wasn’t that I was afraid but I felt so sorry. So I really cried a lot, Taehyung was so surprised that he hugged me and said, ‘hey, hey. I am sorry. You did a good job! You did really well!”

Soobin added that the other BTS members were in on the prank but when they saw Beomgyu crying as Taehyung began to scold him, they started saying, ‘hey, kim Taehyung, why are you being like this? Why did you make Beomgyu cry?’

Beomgyu said Taehyung hugged him a lot that day and kept telling him he did a good job, the staff had also been asking why Beomgyu was crying so much, they didn’t realize he’d made a mistake.

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