“Penthouse 3” Receives Massive Backlash For Using Real Footage Of Tragic Events In Episode 13, Production Team Issues An Apology

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“Penthouse 3” creators are under fire after its recent episode, but why is this happening?

SPOILERS of episode 13 ahead

“Penthouse 3” episode 13 aired last night and it began with a massive explosion where Joo Dan Tae dies.

The drama shows a news reporting that touches on the aftermath of the Hera palace collapse. The scenes used real-life footage of tragic events that happened in South Korea, they used footage from the 2021 Gwangju building collapse accident and the 2017 Pohang earthquake.


This caused massive backlash as netizens commented on how insensitive and unacceptable it was to use real-life tragic footage for the drama.


On September 4, the “Penthouse 3” production team released an apology for the controversy, they stated,

“We sincerely apologize to the victims and families of the Gwangju building collapse accident and the Pohang earthquake as well as to all the viewers.”

They also stated that the scenes will be deleted from reruns and VOD services, adding that they’ll do their best to prevent such an event from occurring again by launching an internal investigation into why it was used.

“Penthouse 3” will air its final episode on September 10, meanwhile, if you want to read a recap of episode 13, you can do so from here.

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